Introduction to buying Cars in CSD

Introduction to buying Cars in CSD

The Indian Government’s CSD (Canteen Stores Department) allows servicemen, retired servicemen and relatives to purchase items through their Canteen and thus avail of reduced rates specially for them. Started in 1948, the CSD organization has grown strongly and now has some 3,000 items available which eligible people can buy at rates lower than market.

Besides various consumer goods, the CSD also has cars available for sale to eligible people. As CSD cars are exempt of various taxes, they are cheaper than normal market rates. This section explains you how the process of buying a CSD car works, how to avail of finance in buying CSD and allows you to apply for a CSD purchase. has tied up with a leading CSD service provider who will help eligible parties to purchase a car through CSD. Fill the below form to apply.


Only certain people are allowed to purchase through CSD. Eligibility for CSD purchase is as follows:

1. All serving and commissioned officers of the Armed Forces who are authorized to use canteen facilities.

2. Widows of defence service officers who are authorized to use canteen facilities, are eligible to purchase cars from through CSD from Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan.

3. GREF and Coastal Guard Officers.

4. One of the parents of deceased or missing officers from border.

5. Equivalent status civilian officers/officers of CSD who are authorized to use canteen facilities

6. Short service commissioned officers, who are authorized to use canteen facilities, with five or more years of service

7. EC Commissioned officers with less than 5 years service with sanction from respective QMG branch.

8. Ex-service JCOs

9. BSF officers and Jawans

Note: for some categories, limitation of 1,300 cc applies. That is, the car bought through CSD may have capacity up to 1,300 cc.

Source: Cartradeindia

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