Incentive limit increased to 70% in Chittaranjan Locomotive Works




No.2007/M(PU)/1/11.                                                New Delhi, dated 21-O4-2O11

The General Manager.
Chittaranjan Locomotive Works.


        Sub: Special Incentive Scheme.

        Ref: CME/Loco/CLW’s letter no.PE/PLO/03 dated 07.02.11.

        Ministry of Railways have approved the Special Incentive Scheme as proposed by CLW subject to the following :-

        1. Incentive bonus limit to be 70%.

        2. Simultaneously, allowed timings should be reduced by 2.5 % at 60% level (with cuts in allowed time being linearly indexed to increase in incentive earning between 50% & 60%, with 0% cut at 50% earning and 2.5% cut at 60% earning).

        3. Allowed time to be further reduced by 1% at 70% level using the same formula of linear indexing between 60-70%.

        5. GM/CLW to advise a time bound target of the implementation of proposed Group incentive Scheme at CIW. All out efforts may be made for switching over to GIS at CLW.

        6 This special incentive scheme is applicable for the year 2011-12. There will be no staff increase and all other terms and conditions would remain the same as were applicable for the year 2010-11.

           This issues with the Concurrence of Finance Dte. of the Ministry of Railways.

           Hindi version will follow.



(A. K.Panda)
Director Mech. Engg.(PU),
Railway Board.

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