What says FR & SR Rules regarding increment..!

What says FR & SR Rules regarding increment..!

Increment :
The annual increase in pay is drawn as a matter of course from the 1st of July every year, except when it is withheld as a statutory punishment. If a Government employee is on leave or is availing joining time on the 1st July, the increased pay will be drawn only from the date on which he resume duty and not from the first of July…
The annual increment will be 3% of total pay in the running pay band and corresponding grade pay rounded off to next multiple of 10. While rounding off, paisa would be ignored but any amount of a rupee or more would be rounded off to next multiple of 10.

The annual increment in pay will be drawn as a matter of course from the first of July every year, except when it is withheld as a statutory punishment. If a govt. servant is on leave or is availing joining time on the first of July, the increased pay will be drawn only from the date on which he resumes the duty and not from first of July.

The officiating service in a higher grade shall count for increments in an officer and other employee’s substantive grade as well as in the higher grade in which he is officiating and, if there is an intermediate grade between the two in which he would have officiated had he not been appointed to officiate in the higher grade, also in the intermediate grade, but the period during which an officer and other employee is on leave without pay shall not count for increment unless so authorized by the Authority for reasons to be recorded in writing.

The sanction to draw increments shall be given by the competent authority:
Provided that no increment shall be withheld except as a disciplinary measure under these regulations and each order withholding an increment shall state the period for which it is withheld and also whether the postponement shall have the effect of postponing future increments.


  1. Saurabh Shrivastava says

    If an employee is granted 2 advance increment for passing any departmental exam. what will be the procedure of calculation?
    is it 3% + 3% = 6% of basic + grade pay i.e. 106% of basic + grade pay
    103% of basic + grade pay and then 103% of that again?
    please let me know.

  2. TK DAMODARAN says

    In my case, the above analogy was not followed. I retired from service on 30th June 2009, I was due for my annual increment on 1st July 2009, however the same was not granting as I retired one day ahead
    of the above date i.e. 30th June 2009. Kindly advise as to how I should get the matter sorted out / settled.

    MOBILE NO 09444944813

  3. SUJATA ROY says

    My friend was granted one additional increment in February 2006 for passing a departmental examination. Her grade pay was Rs 5400 in PB-3. Her 31st December 2005 pay was Rs10750 in 5th Pay Commission pay. Her pay was fixed at Rs 25400 on 1st January 2006 and with additional increment her pay was fixed at Rs 26170. Again in July 2006 her increment was added. Her pay was fixed at Rs 26940.
    In my view her pay should have been fixed at Rs 26170 + 3% of Rs 26170 (Rounding to Rs 790) amounting to Rs Rs 26960. Will someone enlighten me with the correct figure for 1st July 2006. Whether the increment should be Rs 770 or Rs 790 ?
    Will remain grateful for an early reply so that she can apply to her Department for correct figure. This RS 20/- discrepancy is being carried forward till date in every year.
    email id: mailto.roysujata@yahoo.in

  4. SUJATA ROY says

    Someone joined in Postal Department on 25th January 2008. That time 5PC pay was running. After declaration of 6PC her first increment was granted on 1st July 2009 (GP 2800 in PB_!). Why this punishment of extending her increment for five months and 6 days more. Should Govt. not think some better way to wipe out this anomaly. Someone joining on 1st January will get his/her increment in 1st July same year, which is definitely a welcome step. But for what fault of another person joining 24 days later would get her increment at delayed period. Anomaly committee may kindly think in some positive direction please. Here I suggest a measure to anomaly committee to consider self being an outsider only. One time measure of relaxation may also be granted to those employees on 1st January next year to those who joined from 02nd January to 30th June. Subsequent increment should be from 1st July on regular basis. I feel I am not making an ingenuine request.

  5. vishu says

    1)if an employee has been transferred on public interest from one station to another and is availing joining time from 29-6-12 to 5-7-12, from which date will his increased pay be effected due increment day falls on 2-7-12
    2) if an employee is on Casual Leave on 2-7-12 from which date is his increased pay to be calculated due increment falls on 2-7-12.

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