General Guidelines for Transfers of Teachers

General Guidelines for Transfers of Teachers

Normal Tenure of an employee at any place of posting shall be a minimum of 5 years. Further–more, an employee shall not be transferred even after 5 years in case his results have been 100% during the last three years and he wishes to continue in that school. However, further an employee who has completed tenure of 3 years will be eligible to seek transfer against vacancy or on mutual transfer basis.

Request of employees for transfer to their preferred stations shall only be entertained subject to administrative exigencies and keeping in view the interest of studies of school children.

The request faor mutual transfer would be entertained subject to the condition that both the applicants are not posted at the stations within 10 k.m. of each other.

Transfer of an employee during the academic year disturbs studies of the students. No transfers therefore, will be made after 30th June, 2011 except in circumstances of administrative exigencies.

Preferably female teachers or male teachers aboved the age of 50 years will be posted in the girl schools. If available, female teachers would be preferred over male teachers of age more than 50 years. This provision would also be applicable to ministerial staff.

In case of displacement/ transer of the following categories of Teachers, efforts will be made to adjust them in the same Block or within a radius of around 10 k.m. from the desired place of posting in the following order of preference:

Blind (100%)

Handicapped (70% or more)

Those suffering from serious ailments/diseases like cancer etc.or whose wards are sufering from any chronic disease like Thelesemia etc. (in case of medical ground, the certificates issued by All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi, PGI, Chandigarh and Medical College, Rohtak will be considered).


Legal Divorcee

Wives of serving soldiers.

Female teacher having only 2 unmarried minor daughters.

An endeavour would be made to accommodate the lady teacher on the stations posted by her. In any case, if it will not possible, then she would be adjusted on the station readily accessible by approach road with facility of Bus Service.

Those who are retiring in next one year will not be transferred except on their own request.

Tranfers of officers in the administrative capacity i.e. Block Education Officers, Deputy District Edcuation Officers, Aditional District Education Officers and the District Education Officers will not be covered under this policy.

The Principals and the Headmasters would also submit their applications online.

No TA/DA will be given if the transer is done at the request of the employee himself or if he is being given choice posting.

Transfer orders would be implemented within one week of its issue. DDOs would ensure relieving/ joining of respective teachers within stipulated time. No salary can be drawn in case of non-compliance of transfer orders after stipulated period of one week. DDO will be personally held responsible for any neglect in this regard.

DEOs shall submit consolidated report of relieving/ joining of employees to update the computer data within a fortnight.

Mere applying for transfer does not confer any right to transfer.


  1. manish says

    i want to know can female teacher seek transfer to their choice of state, if spouse job is in the different state?

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