FAQ on Dearness Allowance

Some questions and answers related to Dearness Allowance :-

A State Government servant is posted on deputation to the Centre and is allowed to retain the scale of pay admissible to him in his parent  Government plus Deputation Allowance. What will be the admissibility of Dearness allowance to him?

He shall be allowed DA under the rules of the  parent Government. [Authority: Para (vi) of Chapter 1 General Orders (1) /G.I. M.F. O.M. No. 13011/1-E.II(B)/76 dt. 21.11.77 read  with OM No. 1(13)/97-EII(B) dt. 03.10.97]

What is the entitlement of dearness allowance of an AF Officer on deputation abroad?

When an IAF Officer is sent on deputation abroad, he will be entitled to dearness allowance at full rates during the first six months from the date of commencement of deputation  abroad and thereafter at half the rates for a further period not exceeding six months when deputation is to any one country and the period of deputation does not exceed 12 months. Dearness allowance during the period following the  first six months is admissible only if the officers concerned are married and have their families in India. The allowance is not admissible to officers posted ex- India to specific posts. (Authority: Rules 96 of Pay and Allowances Regulations (P&A Regs) for the IAF.)

How the minimum earnings of industrial employees in a new ordnance factory are regulated?

Minimum Monthly earnings in a New Factory.

Workmen will be granted a minimum salary equal to their average earnings until such time as they are put an piece work in the new Factory/inspectorate or for 24 months from the date of transfer which ever is earlier. This does not apply to periods of leave or other absence from duty.

Note(a) The average earnings shall be calculated on the basis of actual earning of  individual in the previous factory/inspectorate during the three complete calendars months preceding the month of their transfer.

(b) The term actual earnings in (a) above means piece work and/or duly work earnings including over time pay and overtime bonus but excluding dearness HRA, Compensatory and  other allowances. For maintenance workers, incentive bonus will be taken into account for purpose of calculation of actual earnings. The OT pay and OT bonus will, however, be included subject to the following candidates:-

(i) That regular OT was worked in the parent Factory in the dept. in which the workmen was employed for at least 3 complete calendar months preceeding the month of transfer and

(ii) A quarterly certificate is furnished by GM that he was granted a minimum salary equal to their average salary, including OT and OT bonus, whichever applicable in the three months preceeding the month of transfer.

The payment of OT allowance and bonus in the above  cases will, however be subject to the same candidates as  laid down under notes (b) above.

In addition they will be entitled to advance of TA/DA as admissible under normal Rules.For the purpose of above concessions, a new Factory will be treated as a “NEW FACTORY” till three years from the date of production starts and the same holds good for new inspectorate also.

For this purpose production would be deemed to have commenced even if there is only trickle production  for such particular line of Production of an identifiable Product of the Factory/inspectorate. Identifiable product of a newfactory/inspectorate will be those as stated and accepted at the time of setting up of production. These concessions will be admissible for a period of  24 months to all employees to whom they are applicable and who are transferred to a new factory/inspectorate before it ceases to  be new.

(Authority: Para 294, Sub Para -IV, OM VI-I)


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