Fixation of Pay on Promotion or Upgradation as per Revised Pay Rules, 2008

Fixation of Pay on Promotion or Upgradation as per Revised Pay Rules, 2008

Many of our visitors are still asking some doubts pertaining the Fixation of Pay on Promotion or Upgradation. Particularly getting confusion in the calculation of annual and promotional increment and it will be rounded off.

Every Government employee has to submit an option when he gets promotion or upgradation. The option is under rule FR22(I)(a)(1) and the option have to submit within one month from the date of promotion or upgradation. When an employee accepts the promotion he will be asked to opt whether his pay will be fixed on the date of promotion or the date of next increment. His pay will be fixed as per the option has been exercised by him under rule FR22(I)(a)(1).

The Rule No.13 of CCS (Revised Pay-2008) says, “On promotion an employee will get one increment equal to three per cent of his basic pay (Pay in the pay band + Grade pay).

For illustration… If an employee opts to get his pay fixed in the higher post from the date of his promotion(1.12.2010), his pay will be fixed as follows…

His Basic pay on the date of promotion (as on 1.12.2010) : 11,500 + 2,800 = 14,300
Adding of 3% of Basic pay as Promotional increment (rounded off to the next multiple of ten) : 430 + 11,500 + 2,800 = 14,730
Promoted to in which Grade pay : 4200
Pay will be fixed on the date of promotion (as on 1.12.2010) : 11,930 + 4200 = 16,130
Date of next increment on July 2011
On the date of next increment his pay will be i.e. 1st July 2011 : Adding of 3% of Basic pay as Annual increment (rounded off to the next multiple of ten) : 490 + 11,930 + 4,200 = 16,620


For example, the same employee, if he gets his promotion on 1.2.2011, his basic pay will be calculated as follows…

He should be given his option to fix his pay under rule FR22(I)(a)(1) on the date of next increment.

His Basic pay on the date of promotion (as on 1.02.2011) : 11,500 + 2,800 = 14,300
Adding only the next higher Grade pay in the promotional hierarchy :

The pay continues upto the date of next increment i.e., July, 2011

11,500 + 4,200 = 15,700
On the day of next increment the pay will be refixed (as on 1.07.2011) :

Adding of 3% of Basic pay as Promotional increment (rounded off to the next multiple of ten) :

11,500 + 2,800 + 430 = 14,730
On the day of next increment the pay will be refixed (as on 1.07.2011) :

Adding of 3% of Basic pay as Annual increment (rounded off to the next multiple of ten) :

11,930 + 2,800 + 450 = 15,180
His pay will be on 1.07.2011 :td>

12,380 + 4,200 = 16,580

When calculate the annual or promotional increment to an employee, there should be a rule should follow as per the office memorandum (F.No.1/1/2008-IC / published by Finmin dated on 29.01.2009 . The rule says, “if the amount of increment comes to Rs.1900.70 paise, then the amount will be rounded off to Rs.1900; if the amount of increment works out to be Rs.1901, then it will be rounded off to Rs.1910.

Normally, the fraction of 50 paise and above to be rounded to one rupee and fraction of less than 50 paise to be ignored. But whereas here, the fraction of 90 paise will be ignored and one rupee and above will be rounded off to ten rupees.

Please write your comments or suggestions about this article, further we can better convey like these articles of Pay fixation


  1. Srinivas P says


    Please go through the following representation of mine regarding date of next increment and kindly confirm whether I am correct or not.
    I was in receipt of basic pay of Rs 6900 (pre-revised) as on 01 January 2006 (date of implementation of 6 CPC). My pay in Pay Band (PB) was fixed at Rs 12840 in PB2 plus Grade pay of Rs 4800. First increment after implementation of 6 CPC was also released on 01 July 2006.
    2. On 13 June 2011, the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, New Delhi issued orders regarding fixation of pay of AAOs (AAOs promoted prior to implementation of 6 CPC, Promoted between 01 January 2006 and 28 August 2008 and after 28 August 2008). As per these orders the pay (Pay in PB + GP) of AAOs who were promoted between 01 January 2006 and 28 August 2008 was fixed at Rs 13950 in PB2 + GP- Rs 4800.
    3. My pay was stepped up to the pay of my junior Rs 13950 in PB2from the date of his promotion i.e., 13 January 2006. My date of increment had been postponed to 01 July 2007 from 01 January 2006.
    4. In this connection, I would like to invite your kind attention to the following provisions of 6 CPC.
    (i) Headquarters office while issuing the orders dated 13 June 2011 ordered to rectify the pay anomaly of AAO who were promoted prior to 01 January 2006, as per Note 10 under Rule 7 of CCS (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008. It was no where mentioned in Note 10 under Rule 7 regarding postponement of increment of senior government servant. As this anomaly was arised due to implementation of 6 CPC and revised pay structure, the anomaly is to be regulated as per the GOI decision 18(b) under FR 22.
    (ii) As per Note 1 below Rule 10, even if the pay of senior government servant is required to be stepped up with that of pay his junior from the date of junior drawing higher pay, the date of increment is required to be regulated as per Rule 10.
    As per Rule 10, employees completing 6 months and above in the revised pay structure as on 1st July will be eligible to be granted the increment. The first increment after fixation of pay on 01 January 2006 in the revised pay structure will be granted on 01.07.2006 for those employees for whom the date of next increment was between 01 July 2006 and 01 January 2007.
    (iii) As per Rule 3(7), revised pay structure means the Pay Band AND Grade Pay. As per Rule 3(8) Basic pay in the revised pay structure means pay in pay band PLUS grade pay.
    5. In the present case, I was switched over to the 6 CPC from 01.01.2006 and my pay was fixed in PB2 with Grade pay of Rs 4800. After stepping up of my pay with junior also my pay was in PB2 only and also there was no change in the Grade pay. Though there was a change in my basic pay (Pay in pay band plus grade pay) there was no change in the revised pay structure (Pay Band and Grade pay). As there was no change in my revised pay structure (no change in PAY BAND AND GRADE PAY) from 01 January 2006 to 30 June 2006 and completed 6 months in the REVISED PAY STRUCTURE as on 01 July 2006, I am entitled for grant of increment on 01 July 2006 as per Rule 10 of CCS (REVISED PAY) RULES, 2008. Further, I had drawn my annual increment in December 2005 in the pre-revised scale, my annual increment was due in December 2006. The second condition of Rule 10 for grant of first increment after 01.01.2006 also satisfied in my case. Even if considering this aspect I am entitled for grant of increment on 01 July 2006.
    6. Earlier (as per pre-revised rules), the postponement of date of increment of senior was to be done, as the date of increment was related with the completion 12 months service in a particular BASIC PAY. After implementation of 6 CPC, date of increment is related with the completion of required service of 6 months in the REVISED PAY STRUCTURE and not in BASIC PAY.
    7. In view of the above mentioned revised pay rules and definitions of BASIC PAY and REVISED PAY STRUCTURE, I am entitled for grant of increment on 01 July 2006 itself and not on 01 July 2007.

  2. RANJU KUMARI says

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    The Post of LDC is Upgraded to UDC in many Central Government Departments. I want to know that if an LDC with Basic 5200-20200 & Grade Pay 1900 Upgraded to UDC due to upgradation of Post, what will be his Pay? As I have heard that fixation of new Upgraded UDC should be done on Basic Rs.7610 & Grade Pay Rs.2400 or there will only change in the Grade Pay from 1900 to 2400 with the same Basic Rs.5830/-

    Sir/Madam, Kindly say me the rule with one such Example for the Fixation.

    Sir, Hoping for the Early response.

    With Regards,

  3. suresh says

    Respected Mam/Sir
    We are two persons appointed in 1992 in the scale of pay 1640-2300, the same is revised in rps 1996 is 5500-9000. Since our appointment we r not receiving any other increments except annual grade increments. We have no promotion channel. We are depriving of such increments. Now in RPS 2006 we only revised the scales and the existing pay into rps scale 9300-27000+4200 gp.

    Madam/Sir kindly send me rules/circulars if any concerned, it can be help me
    Hopping for the early reply
    with Regards

    E. Suresh Babu
    Technical Assistant

  4. bhavani says

    respected sir/mam
    I am school teacher working as tgt as on 1/01/2006.I got my ACP from 13/01/2006.Pay fixation was done last year and option form was asked.No guidance was given officially and I gave option for fixation from date of ACP(13/01/2006).now I have come to know about benefit of having my pay fixed from july 2006.
    can i change my option now.
    if yes then can I know the rule
    hoping for early reply.
    with regards

  5. Ramesh says


    I am appointed in an central government organisation with two increments in 2012. The residential period for the next promotion for the current post is 4 years. Now the question is, since I got two increments, will it also account as two years and my next promotion would be on 2014 or I have serve the complete 4 years of service to get promoted ie by 2016. Could you please clarify.

  6. Subhash Chander Bhatia says

    See ,if there is any change in policy after the first option you gave, you can certainly change your option, other vise, option once given,can’t be changed. Recently ,the anomaly committee has recommended an increments to those whose DOI fell between 2 January and 30 June. If you fall under this category, you may certainly change your option if you feel you may have some benefit.

  7. swati says

    Res sir
    I was appointed as Jr.hindi translator in march 2005 on the scale of 5000-8000. In sixth pay commission my pay has been fixed 9300-3488+grade pay 4200 ( by putting 5000*1.86). Then ministry of finance has revised the pay of official language and Jr. Hindi translator’s revised pay is 6500-10500
    But my office says that this order has of no use and i have no financial benifits.
    According to me my pay has been refix by putting 6500*1.86 but my office says that your pay can be fixed only 5000*1.86.
    please clarify me in which manner my pay fixation should be done.

  8. Upendra Singh says


    I have joined central govt on 04.01. 2006 my first increament given on 01.07.2007, Now since increament generally on completion of one year service i was supposed to get it in Jan 2007 but it was given in july 2007. I seek some clearification from u regarding fixation of 6th pay commisiion its implemetation for employee joined after 1 jan 2006 and their next increament.

  9. says

    I have appointed as security officer on 17-08-2011 through proper channel direct selection processs from AMPRI (CSIR) Bhopal. ministry of science and technology governament of india. i was working as security officer with 9300-34800 with grade pay of 4600.(from 31-0802005 to 17-08-2011) I wanted to relocate to h hyderabad in a new appointment the experiance was also asked . in the new appointment as security officer 9300-34800 with grade pay of 4200 was advertised, whereas there is no 4200 grade pay existing for security officers in any of the universities of the UGC ,all security officers are with 4600 grade pay. my pay protection as security officer with grade pay of 4600 i was drawing at last central governament employer may be protected and my pay may be fixd accordingly. Any body who can give me official orders on this any document which i can satisfy the university administration in EFL university hyderabad.

  10. says

    Upgradation in Revised Scale due to merger of three pre-revised scales TO: 1 More1 recipientCC: recipientsYou MoreBCC: recipientsYou

    Wednesday ,16 May 2012

    Dear sir,

    Thanks for your mail.

    I would like to inform you that I have joined in February, 1987, got IInd MACP w.e.f. 1/2/2007. As on 1/1/2006 I was in pre-revised scale of Rs.5000-8000 with a basic pay of Rs.6800/- As per 6th pay my fixation was done by mistake / in pay scale of Rs.9300-34800 in Pay Band of Rs.12,650/- with Grade Pay of Rs.4600/-. Till date I have not received any promotion / not received even a single rupee payment of Arrears due to implementation of 6th pay commission.

    Our`s is an Autonomous Educational and Research Institute receiving Grants from Ministry of Human Resource, Govt. of India (AICTE) running various Degree & Master`s Level Programmes

    As per Govt.of India, Ministry of Finance, Dept. of Expenditure, Implementation Cell Order No.F.No.1/1/2008-IC dt.13th November,2009 i.e. Grant of the revised pay structure of grade pay of Rs.4600/- in pay band PB-2 to posts that existed in the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 as on 1/1/2006 due to merger of the three pre-revised scales of Rs.5000-8000, Rs.5500-9000 & Rs.6500-10500, some posts which constituted feeder & promotion grades would come to lie in an identical grade, granted higher grade pay of Rs.4600/- to these three posts, being upgraded to the next higher grade in pay band PB-2 wwith grade pay of Rs.4600/- corresponding to the pre-revised scale of Rs.7450-11500 w.e.f. 1/1/2006

    Accordingly my pay fixation should be made in pre-revised pay scale of Rs.7450-225-11500 into the corresponding Revised Pay Scale of Rs.9300-34800 in Pay Band of Rs.13,860/- with Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- w.e.f. 1/1/2006 as per 6th pay commission.

    Now the problem is our Accounts Dept. is not accepting Pay Fixation done / not paying my salary / different / arrears amount since 1/1/2006 based on this Govt.order dt.13th November,2009.

    You are, therefore, requested to check / inquire with the Relevant / Concerned Govt. Authorities about my pay fixation as per guidelines of this Govt.order dt.13th November, 2009 on top priority basis , so as to enable me to get my right, because I am in loss of Huge Amount due to non-acceptance of Govt.order / pay fixation / non payment of salary.

    Pl. treat this most urgent and take up this matter on top most priority basis.
    With regards,
    Gopal Shah

  11. Sailendra Prasad says

    when 6th Central Pay Commission implemented for first time w.e.f. 01/09/2008 an option form was circulated to opt the benefits of 6th CPC from 01/01/2006 or the date of next increment or from the date of promotion etc. but now scenario is changed and many amendments come after course of time. Now the FINMIN ORDERS on Date of next increment in the revised pay structure under Rule 10 of the CCS(RP) Rules, 2008. dated 19/03/2012 and four grade pay structure for industrial employees come into existence. But what is about the option exercised before these amendments took place. So there should be given chance to again exercise the option to select the date of adoption of benefits of 6th CPC w.e.f. 01/01/2006 or otherwise.

  12. Sailendra Prasad says

    Dear Friend Upendra Singh those who Appointed after 01/01/2006 being Sunday now 02/01/2006 the separate fitment table is applicable and you will be fixed in minimum of the Pay Scale for your Post as Per Annexure-II of 6th CPC. and your Date of Next Increment will be 01/07/2007

  13. Khemraj Meena says

    Dear Sir,
    I am working in Central Govt. Service as Steno Grade-I and my service details given below.
    1.Date of Joining in Service, 01.09.1994 (Pay scale 4000-100-6000)
    2Date of Promotion as Steno Grade-II 12.09.2001( Pay scale 5000-150-8000) & (After 6th CPC 9300-34800) G. Pay 4200/-)
    3.Date of Promotion as Steno Grade-I, 20.07.2011 (9300-34800) Grade Pay 4200/-
    4.Due date of MACP on 12.09.2011 (completed 10 years service in same grade)

    Question:- In this case can I eligible for MACP next GP Rs. 4600/- after promotion. Or completion of Ten Years service in same grade Pay Rs. 4200 Yes/No. Or other benefit on promotion?

  14. Holjangam Baite says

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to highlight my problems to you regarding fixation of my pay on promotion.
    That, I am working as Assistant Audit Officer under CAG of India in O/o the Accountant General (Au), Manipur, Imphal. I passed SAS exam in September, 2011 and joined duty as AAO on 1st December, 2011 which was treated as promotion. And my pay on 1-12-2012 was fixed at Rs. 13,350/- (entry level). The fact is that, there are two directly recruited AAOs who pay were fixed at Rs. 13900/-(one increment) but were treated as junior to me since they are yet to complete their Probation (not yet confirmed as AAOs). How should my pay be fixed as and when? Pls respond positively.

  15. alok kumar singhal says

    my date of increment is feb and date of promotion aug. before 6CPC My basic on 01-02-2005 was 10475 in scale ( 8000-275-13500 ) . I promoted on 01-08-2005 in pay scale ( 10000-325-15200) .I opt my pay fixation on date of next increment i.e 01-02-2005 .On 01-08-2005 i fixed on Rs.10650 and on 01-02-2006 Rs. 11300. I opt 6 CPC from 01-01-2006 . I fixed my basic on 01-01-2006 (Rs 19810+GP 6600) Now by order No 1/1/2008-IC dated 29-01-2009 I revised my option and pay fixation on date of promotion i.e from 01-08-2005. I got fixed RS10975 and on 01-01-2006 Rs.20420. DNI 01-07-2006 . in i am getting increment after sixteen month ( from 01-02-2005 in 01-07-2006 ) May i eligible for grant of one increment from 01-02-2006 By the OM No 10/2/2011 E-111/A dated 19-03-2012 Kindly Advise me
    Thanking you
    Deptt.of Atomic Energy
    Mob No 09414615345

  16. Shivjee Prasad says

    I have joined as Postman in Dept of Post on 01-04-1990. On 23-09-1996 i have joined as PA . On Sept 2008 i got MACP I. Kindly confirm if i was entitled for MACP-I or MACP-II. At present my grade pay is 2800. Pl let me know when my next upgradation due and what will be my payband?

  17. M Jyothi says

    Dear friends,

    I was in the post of Sr. Steno as on 01.01.2006 with GP 4200. w.e.f. 01.09.2008 I was given MACP with GP 4600.

    Subsequently I have qualified in the DTQ and got promotion to GP 4800.
    In the pay fixation 3% increment benefit was not given saying that since you are in MACP, U R not entitled for increment benefit.

    My doubt is if the promotion is in DPC there may not be increment, but if the promotion is in DTQ then increment benefit should be given. Kindly clarify

  18. B K Gupta says

    Sl. No. 13 :-
    Date of Increment Pay in the pay Band/ Scale Grade Pay
    (iv) 12.06.2010 12900 4600 (vi) JULY ‘ 2010 13960 (Shouldbe corrected) 4600
    13950 (Given)
    (vii) JULY’ 2011 14520 (Shouldbe corrected) 4600
    14510 (Given)
    Calculation after 13 (iv) :–
    Inrement 3% ( 12900 + 4200) * 3% = 513 ~ 520 (rounded off).
    12.06.2010 12900+520 = 13420 4600
    Inrement 3% ( 13420 + 4600) * 3% = 540.60 ~ 540 (rounded off).
    01.07.2010 (JULY’2010) 13420+540 = 13960 4600
    Inrement 3% ( 13960 + 4600) * 3% = 556.80 ~ 560 (rounded off).
    01.07.2011 (JULY’ 2011) 13960+560 = 14520 4600

    Total pay after Increment should be : – 14520 + 4600 = 19120.
    Is this Correct ? Please Clarify me .

  19. njmoorthi says

    sir I was working as a technician in central Govt governament organisation. My basic+grade pay was Rs-9990+2800 and I was applyed through proper channel for the post of scientific Assistant(B)basic+grade pay was Rs-9300+4200and Ihave been selected and appointed on 26march2012 as a scientific Assistant(B) with two increments which is recommendedby interview committee. Now my basic+grade pay(10810+4200).The pay have been protected but the date of next increment is mentiaoned as on1july 2013 but I should get annual increment on 1july2012 inthis connection shall I give option form to get annual increment on 1july2012 please Kindly clarify, Thanking you.

  20. barun says

    I submit herewith a representation regarding anomaly in fixation of my pay under 6th CPC.
    I joined in IA&AD on 10.07.2003 as C/T in the pre-revised scale of Rs.3050-4590/- and w.e.f 22.02.2006 rendered service as DEO (ex-cadre) in the scale of Rs.4000-6000/-on deputation basis in the same office and on 25.05.2007 I was promoted to the post of Accountant in the scale of Rs.4500-7000/-(pre-revised). I was relieved from this office w.e.f 06.05.2011 to enable me to join to the post of AAO in other office on passing SAS deptmentl exam (grade pay Rs.4800)
    The fixation of my pay as done by the office under 6th CPC with option 1.1.2006 is found not in order as per 6th CPC Report, Notifications and clarifications.
    The fixation of pay as done by the office is as follow:
    01.01.2006 6060+1900 (CT pay w.r.t Rs.3200 in fitment table)
    22.02.2006 7440+2400 (DEO pay w.r.t Rs.4000 in fitment table)
    25.05.2007 8370+2800 (Acctt pay w.r.t. Rs. 4500 in fitment table)
    01.07.2008 8710+2800
    01.07.2009 9060+2800
    01.07.2010 9420+2800 (LPC)
    The fixation of pay under 6th CPC with per my fresh option (w.e.f 25.05.2007) may be done as follow:
    01.01.2006 Rs.3200/-(Rs.3050-4590/-) no change, 5th CPC
    22.02.2006 Rs. 4000/- (Rs.4000-6000/-) ex-cadre post of DEO (deputation) 5th CPC
    01.02.2007 Rs.4100/- 5th CPC
    25.05.2007 Rs.4500/-(Rs.4500-7000/-) promoted to the post of Acctt.5th CPC
    25.05.2007 Rs.8370/- + Rs.2800/- (PB-I) 6th CPC
    01.07.2008 Rs.8710/- + Rs.2800/-
    01.07.2009 Rs.9060/- + Rs.2800/-
    01.07.2010 Rs.9420/- + Rs.2800/- (LPC tallies)

    It is seen that the L.P.C already issued from the office need not to be changed as it tallies with LPC already issued earlier to me on my relieving on 06.05.2011. Only an overpayment of pay & allowances w.e.f 01.01.2006 to 24.05.2007 was paid to me..
    As per F.No.7/14/2010-E.III (A) Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure the Govt. employees may be permitted to revise their initial option up to 31.12.2010 if the option is more beneficial to them.
    Sir, the office to deny to allow fresh option after 31-12-2010 and refixation done as hereunder
    01.01.2006 6060+1900 (Clerk pay w.r.t. Rs.3200/-)
    22.02.2006 7440+2400 (DEO pay w.r.t. Rs.4000/-) Ex-cadre post
    01.07.2006 6300+1900 (Presumptive pay w.r.t Clerk) Annual Increment FR26(a)
    25.05.2007 6550+2800 (Promotion to Acctt, FR-22C w.r.t. Rs.6300+1900)
    01.07.2007 6830+2800 (Annual Increment)
    01.07.2008 7120+2800 (Annual Increment)
    01.07.2009 7420+2800 (Annual Increment)- presumptive LPC-2 rate.
    06.05.2011 9300+4800 (Promotion to the post of AAO) (in PB-II, Rs.9300-39200)
    a huge loss shall be affected to my gross salaries. And in such case, the excess payment of pay & allowances shall be recovered and at the same time my pay from time to time as well as present existing pay shall also be reduced up to a large extent .
    sir, in such condition what should I do to avoid the life time recurring loss as shown above

  21. B K Gupta says

    Sir, I am working in MOS&PI. I joined the job on 12.6.2000 in Scale 5000-150-8000. my MACP year is on 12.06.2010 , promoted in Grade Pay 4600. my pay on 01.7.2009 is 12900 + Grade Pay 4200. What willbe the pay on my Promotion / 1st MACP .
    Kindly solve my problems.
    Thank you, Sir.

  22. beno says

    An employee who has got 1st MACP on 1.9. 2008 in PB -2 Rs.9300 – 34800 + GP 4800 is promoted to a higher post in PB-2 Rs. 9300 – 34800 + GP 5400, on 1st Feb. 2013, whether he will be able to get his next increment on 01.07.2013 ?

  23. yogesh gupta says

    iam in delhi nagrik sehkari bank service in filed ins. my promotion date is 01.07.2012
    my old pay is 7250 + 1800 = 9050
    my new grade pay is 2800/-
    after the promotion my salery is 7250+280+280+2800=10610
    please response the my salery is correct or not
    please Kindly clarify,
    Thanking you.
    yogesh gupta

  24. Sunil kumar says

    Respected sir,
    I have appointed on 20.8.2007 by Open test as LDC now promoted as UDC by LDCE w.e.f. 01.02.2011, at present LDC and UDC posts has been merged. After merging 1 employee appointed on compassionate ground as UDC who is getting basic Pay Rs. 7510/- However, my Basic Pay is Rs. 6830/-. I request you to whether I can submit my representation (application) of stepping up with him. Kindly provide related rules and other supporting instructions/orders/circulars/memorandum etc.
    Thanking You.

  25. usha kumari says

    sir an employee has got 1st acp on 1.2,2008 in PB -2 Rs,9300-34800+GP 4800 IS Promoted to a higher post in PB-2 Rs 9300-34800+GP 5400 2013 ?

  26. vijay parkash gupta says

    i took voluntary retd. on 3.3.2006 and my next increment was due on 1.4.2006.
    now as per latest order No.10/02/2011/E-III/A dated 19.3.2012. my basic on 1.1.2006 prior to this s 23220 (ie. 9900×1.86 +4800) and after this order is to be 10100X1.86 +4800 i.e 23590.
    2. that, the same was fixed my department and arrears of pay from 1.1.2006 to 3.3.2006 was drawn i.e 775 thro our P&AO.
    3. that, when my case goes for revision of PPO to the same P&AO he creates confusion that i was not in service on 1.4.2006 to earn one increment in pre revised scale. i took voluntary retd on 3.3.2006
    4. that, from the above order it is clear that increment of all those who were due to get their next increment in feb to june 2006 has been advanced to 1.1.2006 in the pre revised scale to remove the anomaly created by fixing all employees for 1.7.2006 their date of next increment.
    5. that staff side represented as they were getting increments only @3% after 13months ( 1.2.2005 to 1.7.2006) ,after 14 months (1.3.2005 to 1.7.2006), after 15 months (1.4.2005 to 1.7.2006), after 16 months (1.5.2005 to 1.7.2006), after 17 months (1.6.2005 to 1.7.2006).
    6. that, whereas those employees who just earned earned one increment on 1.1.2006 in pre revised scale were benefited with two increments in just 18 months one in pre revised scale and then after 6 months in the revised scale @3% on 1.7.2006
    7. that, my case is for one increment in pre revised scale only . similarly for all those who were in service on 1.1.2006 and whose next date of increment was due in feb to june 2006 though they might have retired on any date.
    8. please clarify if all those who retired on 1.1.2006 or after, voluntarily or on suparnuation without earning their next of increment was due from 1.2.2006 to 1.6.2006 is to be treated like those in service as their increment was also advanced to 1.1.2006

  27. vishwajeet says

    I wish to know te defintion of the term ‘regular service’, as acc to 6 th CPC in my case, 4 years of regular service is required befor gettin benefits of PB 5400 from 4800, but P.A.O. has objected that in our (me and ors) case, date of promotion of Sept 2002 is of ‘deemed seniority’ obtained after ordersof Hon C.A.T. – due to erroneously prepared seniority list, which was rectified by Hon CAT order and promotion given with backdated seniority (from Sept 2002) in Jan 2005. Is not my service to be counted as regular srevice?

  28. sanjeet says

    i joined CAT Patna on 26.04.1995 as UDC in 4000-100-6000. I was granted ACP in 5500-9000 in Assistant w.e.f 26.04.2007. MY pay was fixed at 5500 on 26.04.2007. During Sep. 2008 I opted for pay fixation w.e.f. 01.01.2006 in revised pay structure. But no advice was given to get my pay fixed from date of ACP i.e. 26.04.2007. I have not given any option for ACP nor the office took it from me. I am still in GP 4200 though G. pay of Assistant has been revised to 4600.(7450-1150). Can I opt to get my pay fixed from date of ACP now.

  29. scantyvan says

    dear sir,
    well sir i want to clarify on my present pay.i have joined a job in 2007 in the grade pay 4200 and on april 2012 i got promoted to next grade pay of 4600.i have submitted the option of fixation on annual increment.So kindly tell me what will be my basic pay now?

  30. CADIRVELOU says

    Dear sir,
    I too have a similar problem like yours. my appointment date is 26-03-1999.My junior was appointed on 02-01-2006, based on which my pay was stepped to 12540 + GP 4600, whereas my increment date is postponed to 01-07-2007 i,e, increment date of my junior.
    whereas my contention is that since my junior is also compeleting 6 months of service as on 01-07-2006 she is also entitled for increment and similarly i also should be given increment.
    kindly reply me in this email about your poisition. whether your office has given you increment or you got any further clarification in your matter which will be helpful to me.

  31. says


    I, R.satyanarayana, Administrative Officer had superannuated on 31-3-2010. I had worked as Administrative Officer since November, 2002 in the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.7500-12000, India Government Mint, Hyderabad. In this connection, I earnestly seek your help with regard to my pay Fixation
    As per the recommendations of 6th cpc and Ministry of Finance-Part -C and Gazettee Notification GSR 622(E)and also GOI< MOF, Department of Economic Affairs(currency and coinage Division) Letter No.I/8/2008SPMC dt.19-9-2008 those who have completed four yeas of continuous service are eligible for placement in higher grade pay.
    I have completed over seven years of continuous service in the pay scale (pre-revised) of Rs.7500-12000. Accordingly I had been granted only the Grade pay of Rs.5400without any increment . I understand that the benefit of higher grade pay alongwith one increment is being extended in other department like Ministry of Communication (postal), vide MOF clarification letter DY.No.1098/Dir-IC/09, that postal service Group "B" Officers are to be allowed the benefit of one increment as laid down in Rule 13(i)of CCS(RP) Rules, 2008for fixation of pay at the time of allowing Non-Functional pay scale of RS.9300-34800+grade pay of RS.5400in PB 2 on completion of four years of regular service and also extended same benefit to Central Board of Excise & Customs and Directorate of Income Tax
    Kindly clarify whether I am eligible benefit of one increment for fixation of pay at the time of Non-functional grade or not.

  32. r.sathyanarayana says

    till to day i have not received any reply to my question cited above i.e. on october 19, 2012,
    reasons not known. kindly clarify immediately to enable to take further steps in this connection.

    with regards
    r. sathyanarayana

  33. says

    i was enrolled in bsf on 01/09/1990 as constable and converted from constable to nk/ro on dated 27/02/1997 and further as head constable radio operator on 10/10/97 and on dated 22/11/2005 again converted to asi/rm .
    please provide me what is my basic pay on 01/01/2006

  34. says

    i am a pensioner since 1.12.2002. i was placed in a scale of 4500-7000 on 1.1.1996 and promoted to a scale of 5000-8000on 1.8.1998,my doi. in the year 2001 my post was declared as surplus and i opted for vrs for surplus staff in after 14years of my promotion and 10years of my retirement my pay has been fixed in scale 5500-9000 on 1.1.96 and the feeder post and my promotion post are placed in the same scale after a court case,but the promotional post carried a higher responsibility and fixation was done under fr 22.1.a.1. please let me know how will my pay be fixed on 1.8.98 after giving some example as the increment is the same i.e. 175. thanks


    Dear Sir,
    I am working in a Semi-Govt office at Churchguate, Mumbai. Govt. of Maharashtra sanctioned 6th pay for our department from 01-03-2013. But our management is not ready to make fixation from 01-01-2006. and in his personal fixation he got it from 01-01-2006. Insted of that they are doing fixation from 01-03-2013. ie. our 5th pay basic as on 01-03-2013 x 1.86= pay band of 6th pay. But sir, this 1.86 formula basically using for fixation from 01-01-2013. because of this we all are loosing lot even some of employees salary even goes below than 5th pay. please tell me what is the solution. please help us.

  36. srinivasa rao says

    hello sir,
    please reply my question.
    i appointed in rlys 08.03.2004, my basic pay is 3125.00 as on 01.01.2006, grade pay 1900-00, i got promotion 09.12.2006, grade pay 4000.00. if any option is there i will fix my pay according 6th pay commision on my promotion date onwards ( if my salary fix as on 1.01.2006 based on 3125.00 according to sixth pay i got only one increment + grade pay only that promotion date, but it is less than if pay fix 4000.00 basic on 9.12.2006).

  37. says

    please reply my question,
    my self has been promoted as office superintendent on 09.04.2012 with grade pay of Rs.4200/- from 2400/- my office has been fix my pay on promotion as on date of next increment i.e. 1st july 2012, afterward internal audit has been conducted and the audit party has raised the objection the employee has not been given option for fixation of pay on promotion within a month under the rule of FR-22(a)1(a) please guide me to reprentation on the above said matter

  38. says

    please reply my question,
    my self has been promoted as office superintendent on 09.04.2012 with grade pay of Rs.4200/- from 2400/- my office has been fix my pay on promotion as on date of next increment i.e. 1st july 2012, afterward internal audit has been conducted and the audit party has raised the objection the employee has not been given option for fixation of pay on promotion within a month under the rule FR22(I)(a)(1)please guide me to reprentation on the above said matter

  39. admin says

    As per the rules said in FR22(I)(a)(I), fixation of pay on promotion on the option of the pormotee, may be fixed on promotion date or increment date. certainly you should be asked to fix your promotion on increment date of July 2012. The option should be given within one month from the date of receipt of official order for promotion. You may claim or represent your obligation in writing to your head of office.


    i have joined as an auditor at 07 January 2013 in grade pay 2800/-. I was a clerk in grade pay 1900 before this. I joined this post by technical resignation(through proper channel). Pls tell me can i get increment on 01 July 2013. If not , why.

    DATE: 22/07/2013

  41. Deepak says

    Sir: My question is related the fixation under foreign service.
    I joined my service on 12.4.2013 in the GP of 4600 in the payband of 9300-34800 as on 12.4.2013 i was in the same payband with GP of 4200. Please give me the suggetion to opt my fixation or deputation allowance in the same station. I already given my fixation after my regular increment in the month of july. But the problem is my establishment section fixed my payband minimum of 12540 as on 1/07/13. please give me your opinion.

  42. ruchika says

    is there any circular regarding pay fixation of promotees in comparison of direct recruits?if yes kindly provide the link.
    my case is i hv been promoted to post of TGT with grade pay 4600 nd basic pay 17030,bt minimum entry level basic pay by 6th pay commission foe direct recruited TGTs is 17140?
    we cant gv reference of any junior as dere hv been no direct recruitments since our promotion.
    kindly reply

  43. Ekanathan says

    I don’t think that the orders related to the issue yet to be released and the anomaly still in the pending list…

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