Child Care Leave to State Government Employees

Child Care Leave to State Government Employees

West Bengal State Government women employees will enjoy Child Care Leave very soon. The proposal of Child Care Leave for working women employees in the State Government has been sent to Finance Department for its clearance, sources said. As per the proposal, a women employees shall be granted 730 days during their entire service for taking care of up to two children fro rearing/looking after any of their need, like examination, sickness etc.

As per the 6th CPC recommendations, Child Care Leave to women employees of the Central Government was introduced 1st September, 2008. The pre revised ceiling of 135 days for Maternity Leave has been enhanced to 180 days. Maternity Leave has increased up to 2 years under rule 43(4)(b). Women employees having minor children may be granted Child Care Leave by an authority competent to grant leave, for a maximum period of two years (i.e.730 days) during their entire service.

We hope that the similar pattern of Child Care Leave will be adopted by the State Government of West Bengal to its women employees.

Source: 90Paisa


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