Clarification regarding Relaxation for travel by air to visit J&K against All India LTC

Controller General of Defence Accounts,
Ulan Batar Road, PaIam, Delhi Cantt-110010

AN/XIV/14162/VIth CPC/Circular/VoI-IV

Dated: 28/12/2011



(Through CGDA Mail Server)

Sub: Clarification regarding Relaxation for travel by air to visit J&K against All India LTC.

The following doubts regarding admissibility of LTC claim on account of air travel to NER/J&K against all India LTC availed by a Government servant (being non entitled to travel by Air) whose HQrs. Office and home town is the same was taken up with DoP&T for clarification:

(i) Whether an individual who is not entitled to Home Town Concession (due to his HQrs and home town being same) can convert his All India LTC to visit NER/J&K, and,

(Ii) Whether he will be allowed to travel by air to NER/J&K on conversion of his All India LTC (being non-entitled to travel by air) or not, in terms of the guidelines laid down In GoI, D0P&T OM No. 31011/4/2007-Estt(A) dated 02.05.2008 and OM No. 31011/2/2003-Estt.(A-IV) dated 18.06.2010.

2. The D0P&T has clarified vide its OM No. 31011/8/2010-Estt.(A) dated 21st December 2011 that “a Government employee can avail All India LTC to visit J&K by air and those who are not entitled to travel by air may be allowed to travel by air to a city in the J&K from Delhi or Amritsar. And journey upto Delhi/Amritsar will have to be taken as per their entitlement.”

This is for your information, guidance and necessary action please.

Please acknowledge receipt.


(R.K. Bhatt)




Air Travel on LTC


  1. N.C ROUT ... says

    I want 2 travel from Bhubaneswar by Rajdhani Exp to New Delhi and Fly to Srinagar by availing HT LTC . While coming back , I want to fly to Amritsar, then from there to Delhi by Train and then from Delhi to Bhubaneswar by Rajdhani Express. Will I get the entire amount in reimbursement . If it will be limited , How ?

  2. Abhay says

    Sir, I have already availed all india ltc J&k , up to delhi i have travelled by train as per entitled class and from delhi by air in April 2012 with refer to CGDA order but our dept says that is not applicable for us and we need writeen order of dopt whic is qoted by CGDA can i get that one so that my claim can settled.

  3. says

    Dear Sir,
    I availed NER LTC by converting my home town to NER for the Block Year 2010-2013.
    I applied for LTC any where in India for the block year 2012-13 in May 2012 to J & K.. My office is refusing to approve saying I am eligible tom apply for LTC only in 2013 January onwards. Kindly clarify Sir whether I am eligible to proceed now on LTC now. If yes kindly provide appropriate Rules please, Sir.
    Matha Kumar


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