7% DA to State Govt Employees of Odisha

7% DA to State Govt Employees of Odisha

Seven per cent of additional Dearness allowance has been granted to State Government employees of Odisha.

Following with the Central Government, the Odisha Government has decided to grant one more additional dose of Dearness allowance to its employees from 1.1.2012. The existing rate of Dearness allowance is 58% and it will become 65%.

In the State, more than four Lakh employees and same amount of pensioners will get the benefits of Dearness allowance hike.

The authentic order will be issued soon.

Earlier in December, 2011 the State Government has sanctioned 7% Dearness allowance in favour of its employees raised from 51% to 58% with effect from 1.7.2011.

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