Change of school uniform in KV Schools

Change in the uniform to be implemented from July 2012 – KVS

Change of School Uniform from the academic session 2012-13 in the Kendriya Vidyalaya Schools in India. An office memorandum has been uploaded in the websites of KV Schools. In the order, the students who are admitted on new admission to class I may not get their uniform stitched as the new uniform is about to finalized. The old and new uniforms may continue to be in vogue simultaneously during the transition period.

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  1. i want violet colour skirt and pink colour shirt

  2. purushothaman says:

    existing uniform is the best

  3. please change suits . we are bored from suits


  5. Abhishek merchant says:

    i think we r having white,grey,blue and red chechered shirt @nd plain grey pants fr BOYzz..

  6. i think boys from 6-12 for boys blue pants and sky blue shirt

  7. I like to wear an overcoat.

  8. I don’t want kurti. i like shirt and pants and an overcoat with mandarin collar.

  9. Bhaskar Soni says:

    I don’t like the new uniform of kendriya vidyalaya school…………..

  10. parth patel says:

    thanks i like this dress………very nice……..

  11. neelima lahare says:

    its a fabulous thinking of changing our school dress i want 2 wear our new school dress very soon i like
    this dress

  12. i want a uniform for boys of light purple colour

  13. o k but not so good the color should be in maroon red with white combination and bottom with snuff will do good.

  14. anshika bhardwaj says:

    yeah i like my new dress…… good bye to old uniform….. i want to wear this new dress very soon…..

  15. i am so happy to new uniform of scol .
    hello frind i am in facebook also
    contact me on my e- mail


  17. i liked the new uniform of kv but the over coat is not nice. but thanks for changing the dresssssssss.

  18. Manoj Mathur says:

    new pattern is good,clarify the colour of the BELT,Colour of the Collar of the T Shirt sports wear house wise. as per 92 BOG meeting letter Dated 3 – 7 – 2012. ( KV School New Uniform 2012 ) or 93 rd BOG Meeting
    Reply ASAP