Clarifications on Children Education Allowance and Hostel Subsidy

CEASome important question and answers about Children Education Allowance and Hostel Subsidy. The pcdaopune has clarified as the form of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ to its officers regarding the Children Education Allowance. It is very useful to know and follow the rules to get the reimbursement of CEA.

CEA (Children Education Allowance)

Q. Is it mandatory to claim the CEA on Contingent Bill, or only Pt-II order will suffice?

The CEA has to be claimed on a contingent bill. All the Original Receipts should be attached.

Q. Officer has paid Rs.15000/- for one child for full academic year against fees & cost of books, shoes etc in the beginning of academic year and submitted claim for CEA in first quarter of academic year. Will the claim be admitted in full immediately?

No. Reimbursement of up to 50% of the entitlement is admissible during the first half of the academic year. Remaining will be admissible in 3rd or 4th quarters.

Q. Will I get CEA reimbursement for (a) Transportation/Bus charges, (b) Security Fees paid to Schools, (c) Amusement & entertainment charges, (d) purchase of Blazers, (e) tuition fee, (f) cost of admission form, (g) examination fee, (h) annual charges, (i) computer fee, (j) science lab fee, (k) sports fee, (l) extra curricular activity fee, (m) dance and music fee, (n) books like dictionary, encyclopedia etc, (o) admission fee, (p) Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi, (q) stationery and (r) late fee?

You will get reimbursement for (d) to (q) only among the above.

Q. Is there any ceiling on cost of note-books, stationery, or uniform etc?

No ceiling in case of any of the items listed above.

Q. How many sets of uniform will I get reimbursement for?

For only 2 sets of uniform in one academic year. One uniform means a set of clothing prescribed in a particular day, as uniform by the school. But one can claim for only one pair of shoes.

Q. The original school receipts have been lost. What should I do now?

Please get a certificate signed by Principal of the school, showing all the payments. Please make sure that details of the fees paid are shown in a manner as were shown in the original fee receipts.

Q. Will I get CEA for my child who is studying in Nursery?

You will get CEA for your child for only two academic years before he starts studying in First Standard. These two years may be nursery, or LKG, or UKG or whatsoever. But CEA is not admissible for Pre-school/playschool.


  1. Leela T.K says

    I had applied for CEA for 2 children from 01.10.2011 to 31.03.2012 RS15000 ans status was passed and admitted on 31st MAY 2012. On june,I got CEA(NT) RS1200 & CEA(T) 2928 only rest money I never recieved. What may be the cause?

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