Nursing Staff to get two additional increments – Railway Board order

Nursing Staff to get two additional incrementsNursing Staff to get two additional increments – Railway Board order

Railway Board has issued an order on 14.3.12 related to Nursing Staff. Qualified in B.Sc degree of a Nursing staff is an additional qualification, they will be issued two advance increments. They have to appointed before 1.1.1996 and the additional increments are non-absorbable and are not treated as pay for the purpose of allowances.

The order said, " Consequent upon implementation of revised pay structure of Nursing Staff after implementation of 6th CPC, it has been decided, in consultation with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to continue the scheme in the present format with the slight change that the increment to be granted will be 3% of the basic pay of the Nursing Staff concerned. Only two additional non-absorbable increments are admissible to a Nurse in a particular grade where possession of such qualifications is not required as per Recruitment Rules. The grant of the aforesaid increments is subject to the condition that the concerned Nursing Staff is not required to possess the qualification, for which the increment is claimed, as a condition of employment and that they have not been allowed a higher initial pay on account of the said qualifications prior to/on/or after 01.10.1986".

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