TNEB Revised Tariff Rates 2012

TNEB Revised Tariff Rates 2012

Tamil Nadu government once again announced the revised tariff rates for domestic users, every one feels this is very mere amount has been decreased than expected.

Units of

Electricity Consumption

As on


As on



0 To 100

Rs. 1.10

Rs. 1.00

Rs. 0.10

101 To 200

Rs. 1.80

Rs. 1.50


Above 200 Units




1 To 200

Rs. 3.00

Rs. 2.00

Rs. 1.00

201 To 500

Rs. 3.50

Rs. 3.00

Rs. 0.50


Rs. 5.75

Rs. 5.75



  1. Bala says

    Fine, but why would the EB maintains the billing cycle as 2 months? The benefit of the progressive taxing slab works out to Rs 1525 (3.75 x 200 + 2.75 x 300) for the lower slab rates w.r.t the maximum marginal rates. Why should the public suffer for the ineffecient / corrupt and sick EB staff?
    just imagine what happens if they skip to mark the meter reading for a genuine reason – door closed at the time of marking.. the combined bill would be at the fully multiplied at the maximum marginal rates and the bill would be near Rs. 10,000. Now isnt that a loot?
    When Devil reins in power, eating corpses would be legitimate. Its time the public catch hold of the corrupt EB staff and strip them off their jobs and bring them to the streets

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