DA order from Karnataka Government

Karnataka Pay Commission Report 2012DA order from Karnataka Government

The revised rates of Dearness allowance order has been published by the Government of Karnataka today.

We have already informed about the pay revision for the employees of Karnataka Government and the new revised pay scale with effect from 1.4.2012. After the implementation of pay revision, now the Department of Finance ordered that the Dearness allowance payable in the 2007 pay scales from the existing 69.5% to 76.5% of the basic pay to the employees of Karnataka Government with effect from 1.1.2012 and upto 31.3.2012.

The Dearness allowance of 76.5% admissible with effect from 1.12.2012 is merged with basic pay in the 2012 revised pay scales with effect from 1.4.2012.


  1. darshan d r says

    worst worst paaapa government officials ge kodadu andre siddaramayya na tara hotte uriyatte ansatte henu maadakagalla.. once upon a time KMF Hassan daa president maadlila anta kanneeraakidda ade sada nago sadananda gowdru nam CMMMMMMMMM

  2. darshan d r says

    idanna kodoke ivane bekaaa.. sadananda gowda pa of ex cm radika kumaraswamy

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