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Swamy’s News : The one of the most popular website since 2008 for Central Government employees and pensioners, WWW.IMYIDEAS.COM. The author wrote an article about the Swam’s News magazine published from Swamy’s Publications. We have given for your reference the stuff from the popular website…

Introduction :
Swamy’s handbook is one of the most useful resource for central government servants in the form of printed books. The latest edition is Swamy’s Handbook 2010. It incorporates all the latest orders based on Sixth Pay commission recommendations. Swamy’s Handbook is an easy access to Regulations, codes and manuals. Its a brief essence  of the relevent rules or orders. The first Handbook was published on 1975.

Swamys Publications was founded by Shri P. Muthuswamy, who was an employee of P & T.  Swamy Publications is still the most valuable and reputed publications on rules and regulations affecting Central Government employees.

Swamy’s News
Swamy’s Publications started swamysnews In order to  bring to the notice of all Central Government offices even in the remote corner the orders issued by the various Departments of the Central Government. Swamysnews is published monthly.  At the persistent request of many subscribers, a Case-Law section was included highlighting the important judgments of various Central Administrative Tribunals and Supreme Court on service matters.

Swamy’s books are available in almost all  leading Book Shops in all cities and other areas of country. Follow the link given below to view the books published by Swamy’s publications.
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  1. prem singh yadav says

    Dear Sir I Prem Singh, work in field publicity office ministry of Information and Brodcasting, Central govt. of India , my promotion on 5/1/2007 pre-revised pay scale 4500/–125/- – 7000/- (as 6cpc in the pay band of 5200-20200 grad pay 2800/- ) My pay in the Month of 1/1/2006 3370/- gp 1800/- (pay scale before 6cpc Rs 2610-4000) ,after Interview Celection by D.P.C) So, I would request you to look into the matter and to find out pay fixed and measures to upgrade the existing scale of pay . Pleased reply to me on email address psy44667@gmail.com

  2. says

    Joined from State Govt. Service to Central Govt. Service on 11.05.2012 on deputation for three years in the higher scale of Pay ( 9300- 34800) and G.P. Rs. 4200/-
    As per L.P.C. Pay = Rs. 12,340, G.P. = 3,900/- D.A. = 7,308/- ( @ of DA is 45%)
    What will be basic pay at Central Govt. ( Pay + G.P. ( Rs.4200 fixed) ?
    Please reply

  3. Narendra Dev says

    I am working as Sr. Technical Assistant (Sugar Technology) since 2002 at National Sugar Institute, Kalyanpur, Kanpur. I belong to scheduled caste community. This Istitute is running under the agies of Ministry of consumer Affairs,food and public distribution, (Department of food and public distribution). Now Problem is ” At present in our Istitute 5 number of Jr. Technical Officer (Sugar Technology is lying vacant. Out of the 5 post 02 post is for promotion quota (ONE FOR SC CANDIDATE & ONE FOR GENERAL CANDIDATE RESPECTIVLY) remaining 03 post is for direct recriutment purpose. ( ONE FOR SCHEDULED CASTE CANDIDATE, ONE FOR OBC CANDIDATE & REMAININ ONE FOR GENERAL CANDIDATE) but our offfice has publish advertisement for only 02 posts ( ONE FOR OBC CANDIDATE & ONE FOR GENERAL CANDIDATE) through UPCS NEW DELHI. scheduled caste post which is vacant earlier than these 02 post was not advertised by our office due to malafide intention. THis post is vacant since 22.08.2006 & 02 post are vacant from 01.04.2010. What I can do now? because due to malafide intention I became junior then our juniors at present.
    reply at the earliest
    yours faithfully
    Narendra Dev
    Sr. Technical Assistant (ST)
    National Sugar Institute, Kalyanpur
    Contact Cell No. 09415429330

  4. Viajy Bhoria says

    Vijay Bhoria
    You cann’t do any thing because it happens all around us not only in your department but in every field. No body can do for this thing. From my point of view, you should have go to Court. I know it is not so easy and lengthy procedure but we cann’t do any thing.

  5. Rakesh Kumar says

    Respected sir,

    brief history of my service in the central govt. offices –

    joined as LDC in the previous department in 1987

    resigned technically and joined the other department as LDC (Hindi Typist) on transfer basis in 1993

    selected through advertisement in the employment news’ by the department and joined as Jr. Hindi

    Translator on deputation in the same office in 1997

    permanently absorbed on the post in 2000 and confirmed later on

    working till date

    In more than 24 years of my service, No ACP has been granted. 1st MACP granted with Grade Pay of

    Rs.4600 w.e.f. 01-09-2008

    Kindly go through with the Clarifications published as FAQs in esteemed magazine Swamynews of

    June, 2012 at Sl.No.26 and Sl.No.27 (iv) and do clear whether ACP is to be granted or 2nd MACP of

    Grade Pay of Rs.4800 may be granted / allowed to me.

    An early reply will be highly solicited.

    Ministry of Finance, Dept. of Expenditure vide their OM no. F.1/1/2008-1C, dated 24-11-08 had

    placed the post of junior hindi translator in the scale of Rs.6500 – 10500 PB2 w.e.f. 1-1-2006. Further

    Ministry of Finance Govt of India has granted grade pay of 4600 in the revised payband PB2 to posts that

    existed in the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 as on 1-1-2006 vide their order no. F.1/1/2008-1C

    dated 13-11-2009. Accordingly I think I must be given GP of 4800 w.e.f. 10-09-2007.

    Kindly clarify whether the above said order of 13-11-2009 is applicable to Jr. Hindi Translator or


  6. Mathew P.G. says

    Respected Sir,
    I entreat your clear guidelines for the query given below please:
    If a central government civil(defence) employee comes on mutual posting/personal request to his nearest station establishment/department on same trade with same grade
    (i) what will be his seniority state at new station, where there are five employees present in one year maximum juniority to him on enrollment with same trade and same grade.
    eg. Mr. ‘A’ has been enrolled on year 2008 in Bharat company at Mercury city for the post of mechanic with grade HS-2 and posted on mutual basis to Hindustan company at nearest station Honey city on year 2011; where Mr. ‘G’ & ‘W’, ‘C’ & ‘B’ are present from March 2009, July and Nov 2009 respectively with same trade and grade what is the seniority level of Mr. ‘A’ at his new station
    (ii) Who is eligible to appear the DPC to elevate to grade HS-1 as Mr. ‘K’ retires on Oct 2012 and when?
    It is not cleared from the Swamy’s text seniority and promotion.

  7. anand ingle says

    i have promoted in Sr.Acctt. scale in 9300-34800 gp 4200. may pay fix in 9300 + 4200. but 01.01.2006 before promoted in Sr.Acctt. old scale 5500 his pay fix in 5500 * 1.86 = 10230 + 4200 gp. why this difference for the promotion. 01.01.2006 before promotion is benefited after promotion is loss. why this scale is minimum 10230 + 4200 gp for beneficial in promoted in 5500 scale.
    Kindly clarify whether the this anomaly.

  8. K Muralidharan says

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to know whether there is any time limit prescribed for claiming Children’s Educational Allowance. Myself and my friend had preferred claims for CEA for the year 2008-09. But my office authorities are doubtful in allowing the claims as they fear that the claims are belated. They are in search of clarifications for allowing the same. In my opinion there is no time limit prescribed for claiming CEA unlike TA claims (time limit – 1 year) and Medical Reimbursement Claims (time limit – 3 months). My office authorities are treating our claim as arrear claims. Since no time limit is prescribed either by GFR or any other central government orders, these claims cannot be treated as belated claims. I would like to seek your kind opinion in this regard. Please give me a reply.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,


    I was promoted as AAO on dated 5.10.2005 in the pre revised scale of pay 7450-12500 and opt pay fixation from my regular DNI i.e. 1.4.2006 and then I was fixed at Rs 8125. When VIth Pay commission was implemented I re-opt fixation from my date of promotion i.e. 5.10.2005 and fixed at Rs. 7900 and accordingly opt in new pay commission w.e.f. 1.1.2006. Now can I re-opt my fixation w.e.f. 1.4.2006 in ref. to 8125 as my date of increment falling between Feb. to June, should my fixation in ref. to 8125 in new pay commission as per govt. latest orders in which one increment was sanctioned on 1.1.2006 for those employees whose DNI was between Feb. to June,

  10. vanitha says

    Sir, I am working in the Dept. of income tax as Inspector. At present, I am in my Maternity leave and the leave ends in the first week of December 2012. Dept. exams for the post of Income Tax Officers are to be conducted in the month of September 2012 and I have applied for the same. Can I appear for the Dept. exam during my maternity leave? If I do so, does it mean that i have joined duty and my maternity leave get over with that? please clarify.

  11. says

    I had paid commuted value of pension on two occasions due to enhancement of pension as a result of application of scales of 5th Pay Commission. On 2nd January 2012 I completed 15 years of retirement and I was due to receive full value of commuted amount. However, pension disbursing officer has quoted amended rule 10A of commutation of pension Rules and stated that commuted value which was paid on 2nd occasion would be restored after completion of 15 years from that date.He has allowed restoration of only that portion which was paid on 1st occasion. My contention is that Rule 10A is not applicable to me as I am not covered undr 6th Pay commission and therefore full portion of commutation should be available to me Please comment.

  12. says

    Respected Sir,
    I had retired on 31st Dec.1996 and my pension was calculated on IV Pay Commissions Scale.In1998 my scale was revised and accordingly my retirement benefits were also revised. As a result I paid commuted value of pension on two occasions once in 1997 and again in 1998.I was due for restoration of commutation of full amount on completion of 15 years w.e.f.Jan.2012. However Pension disbursing authority allowed only that portion of commutation which was paid in 1997 stating that whole commuted portion cannot be restored in view of amendment of Rule 10 as 10A. Kindly advise if this action of Pension disbursing Officer is correct.

  13. says



    With due respect I like to request your good self to kindly clarify as to whether I am entitled to the benefit of Government of India, Min. of Fin., Deptt. of expenditure, New Delhi vide O.M. No. 10/02/2011-E.III/A dated 19th March 2012 regarding increment.

    I am a Central Govt. Employee presently in the post of Assistant Audit Officer under the C&AG of India. Earlier I was getting my annual increment in February. In February 2005 I got my annual increment with DNI February 2006. In 2005, I cleared the Section Officers Grade Examination and promoted to the post of Section Officer w.e.f. 08.12.2005. At the time of my promotion, I exercised option to fix my pay w.e.f. the date of my next increment i.e. February 2006 so that I can get the benefit of two increments (one normal increment and one for promotion). Accordingly my pay was fixed.

    Subsequently, recommendation of the 6th CPC was implemented which stipulated that all the Central Govt. employees will get their annual increment in July. In view of the same, after February 2006 I would be getting my next increment w.e.f. July 2007 (after 17 months) and thereby I was suffering financial loss. I requested my office to revise my earlier option w.e.f. the date of my promotion. My pay was refixed w.e.f. the date of my promotion i.e. 08.12.2005. But as per the CPC order I got my next increment w.e.f. 01.07.2006 i.e. after a gap of 17 months from my earlier date of increment (February 2005).

    In March 2012, Government of India, Min. of Fin., Deptt. of Expenditure, New Delhi vide O.M. No. 10/02/2011-E.III/A dated 19th March 2012 has issued order that those central government employees who were due to get their annual increment between February and June 2006 may be granted one increment on 01.01.2006 in the pre-revised pay scale as a one time measure and thereafter will get the next increment in the revised pay structure on 01.07.2006 as per Rule 10 of CCS(RP) Rules, 2008.

    Since, Govt. orders are supposed to give benefit to its employees to the extent possible and not to deprive them, in case I apply to refix my pay on promotion w.e.f. the date of my next increment i.e. February 2006, shall I be entitled to get benefit under Min. of Fin. O.M. No. 10/02/2011-E.III/A dated 19th March 2012. Shall I be entitled to get my pay fixed initially (on the date of my promotion on 08.12.2005) without any financial benefit and two increments w.e.f. 01.01.2006, one normal increment as per the O.M. dated 19th March 2012 and one for promotion (otherwise I am getting my increment after 17 months from 01.02.2005 to 01.07.2007).

    I shall be grateful if you kindly reply to my clarifications at my e-mail ID sujayshawnaihati@yahoo.co.in.

    Expecting an early reply from your end I remain,

    Asstt. Audit Officer

  14. AJ says

    can a government employee avail air india packages on LTC and get his claim restricted to part of air fare within LTC 80 fares and bear from his pocket which is over and above LTC 80 fare i shall look forward to the reply

  15. Jeewan Singh Jalal says

    Sir, I would like to know that I am proceeding for my home town LTC and after the nearest railway station my village is 60 km and there is no state government transportation facility only private taxi operator is available. How do I claim this amount as per LTC rule we are not allowed ant private taxi or tour operator.

  16. P.M.MONDHE says


  17. s.r. kumar says

    Dear Sir,
    I joined as assistant engineer at the north eastern regional centre, Guwahati on 12-Oct.-1993 and since then I am continuing my service to this centre without transfer to any where in India. This is my direct and first posting after interview. Now I want to know, whether I am admissible to get deputation allowance. If yes, from where I can get the details.

    I shall be grateful if you kindly reply to my clarifications at my e-mail ID

    S Kumar

  18. says

    I am regular employee of environment & Forests Department presently working as panchayat secretary on deputation from last two year.I am 39yrs old.Now the open recruitment for panchayat secretary has been called, is there any option to apply for direct recruitment as the normal age limit +departmental is 33+5=38.please advise.

  19. R.Shankar says

    I was appointed as LDC on 06 Jan 1984 in a DRDO Estt in Pune. In Dec 1994, DRDO issued an order saying that LDC s can pass the Limited Dept Exam to get converted into Data Entry Operator ‘A’ for better promotional prospects. I passed the Limited Departmental Exam and was appointed as DEO’A’ on 02 Jan 1995(Total 11 years of LDC). I finished the residency period for DEO ‘A’ in Dec 2000. From the DPC held from DEC 2000 to June 2005 (10 DPCs) DHRD in DRDO did not release any vacancy of DEO ‘B’ to our Estt. Finally I got promoted to DEO ‘B’ w.e.f 01 Jan 2006. ( 11 +11 =22 years after joining Govt Service). Now I have already completed 6 years residency period in the existing post on 31 Dec 2011. DRDO DHRD has not released a post of DEO ‘D’ till date even after representing several times by means of applications.
    Sir, after putting 29 years of govt service I am still drawing a grade pay of Rs 2800. I feel sad to say the the individuals who had failed in the Limited Departmental exam for DEO in Dec 1994 are now drawing a grade pay of 4200/-. My fault is I passed the exam and drawing grade pay of Rs 2800/-.
    Sir, I want an advice from you that can I approach CAT against DRDO to get justice stating that by creating the post of DEO and doing further nothing about it as promised in the order.
    Thanking you,
    Yours sincerely

  20. Dr C P Abdul Kabeer says

    I was working as Senior Veterinary Surgeon under Dept. of Animal Husbandry,Kerala since 1990. there was a call for the appointment of Veterinary Assistant Surgeon on Deputation basis from Lakshadweep Administration under the pay band of 15600-39100+ GP 5400.I got appointment in the deputation post.My Basic Pay in the parent Department was 36140/- and DA 38%. I opted for the pay in the deputation post.Sir, I want to know that how my pay will be fixed? and also would like to know that whether I am eligible for transfer TA for joining duty from Kerala to Lakshadweep.An early reply will be highly appreciated. Thanking you

    Dr C P Abdul Kabeer

  21. madhumita Roy says

    I would be grateful if u clarify the following:
    I have joined in the scale of 1400-2300 on april 1989.After 5th pay commission i was placed in 9300-34800 with grade pay 4600.My seniors were also placed in the same scale i.e.9300-34800 grade pay 4600by 5th pay commission.Now by MACP i.e.after complition of 20yrs.on april’2009 i am given the scale of 9300-34800 with grade pay 4800 and after 30 yrs. i.e.april 2019 i get 9300-34800 with grade pay 5400(i.e.PB2).My senior i.e.two people with joining date june 1983 and december 1983 as they fall under ACP cut off date i.e.1.1.2006 to 31.8.2008 when they complete 24 yrs.get 15600-39100 with grade pay 5400 (i.e.PB3).Also when they complete 30yrs i.e.on june2013 and december 2013 can they get 15600-39100 with grade pay 6600.
    I would be grateful if you can clarify this i.e. just because my seniors joined earlier they go to PB3 and i go in PB2.The joining grade,eligibility qualification and method of recruitment which is direct in this case.Is there such provision in ACP.Ours in an autonomous body under Min.Health and Family Welfare.
    Please clarify this Thanks with regards.


  22. Padmanabhan V says

    Both ACP and MACP are for personal so there is no seniority concept. Please refer page 337 (ix) the financial upgraduation under the Scheme will be purely personal to to the employee concerned and will have no relevance to his seniority position .
    Originally Posted by P.Jagannathan
    It is true recently one `A`in 5000 scale of pay was promoted and fixed 4600 GP.
    It was taken up and order is issued to place all 6500 cadre on 4600/GP which is also given in 6th pay commission report.
    Thank u.

    Originally Posted by pkkanwal
    There are two employees say, ‘A’ (5500) and ‘B’ (6500) with same PB and GP 4200. If employee ‘A’ gets his ACP he will be shifted to next GP i.e., 4600. Does it mean he will be senior to employee ‘B’ who is in the scale of 6500.
    Anyone pl. clarify?

    This is a ticklish issue;
    When a promotion of a junior officer takes place to a post where a senior of already promoted to that cadre draws a particular Basic and Grade pay, then the latter can seek remedy by raising the issue of “Pay Anomaly”.
    At the same time, if the dispute (read, difference in Basic /Grade Pay on account of ACP) out of ACP granted to the former, then, it is considered as a personal benefit accruing to the Former and consequently, it is not a case falling under the purview of (Removal of Pay Anomalies”). The phenomenon is very hard to digest, but GOI views it from a different angle.
    With regards,
    the above may not be your position but previousli I got from gconnect.in
    thank you
    yours sincerely

  23. shailendra kumar singh says


    i m working in BS.N.L I applied for transfer to other state , my wife is woking as a assistant teacher in management college in this college selection through uttar pradesh service commision process but our management will not do transfer.i have two minor children and old mother . what can i do for this
    my friend have same situation he will get same problem and management allow him to permanent transfer.pls guide me what can do

    my no . 09467805177

  24. says

    I am working in the post of Opthalmic Technician of Health Department,Puducherry U.T. w.e.f .01.11.1983 and I got my first financial upgradation w.e.f . 09.08.1999 in the pre-revised scale 5500-175-9000 . I completed 20 years of service on 31.10.2007. But, 2nd ACP after completion of 24 years is not granted yet. Meanwhile, as per 6th CPC norms ,ACP scheme is Converted in MACP with effect from 01.09.2008 . Kindly clarify whether I am eligible for ACP or MACP or both (i.e) Pay has to be revised as per ACP for the period from 01.11.2007 to 31.08.2008 and then the Pay has to be regulated as per MACP from 01.09.2008. Since,my second financial upgradation is pending till date , your kind suggestion is anticipated for further proceedings.

  25. Mrityunjay Kesarwani says

    I was posted as Acctt. in AG(A&E)UP, Allahabad upto 30th Sept 2012. After passing the SOGE (Civil Audit), I took promotion as AAO on Deputation cum Absorption in PAG (GSSA) M.P. Gwalior on 1st Oct 2012 to 7 April 2013. Due to my domestic problem, I repatriate as Acctt. in AGUP from 8 April 2013 with the permission of CAG office. Now here I treated as Acctt. but my juniors are promoted as Senior Acctt. from 1st Jan 2013. There are 52 posts of Sr. Acctt. vacant from 1st Jan 2013.
    How can I get promotion as Sr.Acctt. Please inform me. My mobile No. is +919415674885 and email address is mrity72kesa@gmail.com

  26. suresh says

    I am a Government employee and opted for VRS and requested for being relieved on the 90th day of the notice period. But I was relieved within a month thereby I lost my salary for 2 months and increment which may fall in July 2013. Is it correct on the part of the Govt. to relieve me with in one month where as notice period is 90 days as prescribed in rules and should I approach CAT for redressal.

  27. Dr Shahu Patil says

    SIR , What is the defination of “headquarter ” for the purpose of claiming revised rate of Non Practising ALLOWANCE for doctors . What is the maximum distance from the hospital where i can reside ? Where can the relevant GR be found ? Kindly reply to shahusp786@gmail.com

  28. pradeep s pawar says

    I am presently Sc’C’ with B.P.23760 & G.P 6600 in the PB 3 scale of 15600-39100 I am promoted to Sc’D’ from 1st July 2013 to Sc’D’ which carries a G.P of 7600 1st July also happens to be my increment date can you suggest my fixation i.e. what will be my B.P. & also B.P. +G.P , will I get two increments i.e 1 normal increment & 1 promotional increment.
    Regards Pradeep S Pawar, Sc’D’

  29. B.K.BISWAKARMA says

    I was appointed in Central Govt. service as Stenographer on 13.8.1982 in the pay scale of Rs.330-560 revised to Rs.1200-2040 in 4th CPC. I got promotion to the rank of P.A. w.e.f. 17.1.1994 in the pay scale of Rs.1640-2900/- revised to Rs.5500-9000/- in 5th CPC. I further promoted to the rank of P.S. on 16.4.2003 in the pay scale of Rs.6500-15500/- revised to Pay Band-2 (Rs.9300-34800) with grade pay of Rs.4800/- in 6th CPC. I have been granted Non-Functional Grade (NFG) Scale in PB-3(Rs.15600-39100) with Grade Pay of Rs.5400/- w.e.f. 15.4.2007 after completion of 4 years service as PS. I have requested for my 3rd MACP on completion of 30 years of service. But my office has denied it stating that I have already got 03 benefits by virtue of 02 promotions and one Upgradation of Pay i.e. NFG.
    Kindly clarify whether this NFG is counted for MAC or I am eligible for 3rd MACP.

  30. Sameer Kumar says

    I joined Central Government department on 7.1.99 as LDC. After serving for more than 13 yrs, I was selected and joined as PGT (Comp. Sc.) in Navodaya Vidyalaya (Autonomous organisation) on 16.8.2012, I technically resigned from the post of UDC from my parent cadre and I was granted lien in my relieving orders by my parent cadre.

    But in March 2013, when I tried to exercise my lien, a corrigendum letter was issued that by mistake I was granted lien and the same is withdrawn.

    My query is whether the action of my parent department is right or do I have any hope of returning back to my parent cadre.

  31. Prema says

    Dear Sir,
    My husband works for Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore. He has put in about 32 years of service in this esteemed organisation.
    He was on official duty to Chennai on 03/10/2011 & 04/10/2011. After completing his official work he came back to Bangalore by flight and hired a taxi Easycab to travel from Bangalore Airport to the residence. On the way he met with an accident sustaining serious head, brain injuries and left leg fracture,
    CPRI has granted him Special disability leave for 4 months from the date of accident and also given him full salary for the above period ie from 07/10/2011 to 07/02/2012.
    After this period, CPRI has granted Special Disability Leave deducting from his accumulated HPL (ie he had about 600 days HPL to his account). But as per the CCS rule Special Disability leave may be granted for max of 24 months and also pay for the first 4 months shall be as per Earned leave and for the rest of the period the pay should be in terms of HPL. But in this case all his HPL is deducted in the name of special disability Leave.
    My husband has not fully recovered & not in a position to attend duty till date. Please let me know if
    a. If Special Disability Leave can be sanctioned for 24 months
    b. Will his leave be deducted for sanctioning special disability Leave

  32. BHARATHI M says

    rgemen Grade II. After this i got only one promotion as per DPC to the Grade of Assitant Foreman in 2008 after 17 years now merged as Assistant Engineer. .After I have completed 20 years of service in 2011 i was given a macp from grade pay 4600 to 4800. Subsequently they are saying i am not eligibel for that and now they are asking me to return my money and they will revert my pay scale. Please clarify,.

  33. BHARATHI M says

    i joined the organisation in 1988 as Fitter instrument Genera. HS l . After 3 years i was promoted to chargemen grade II. after attending a Trade test . After this i got only one promotion as per DPC to the Grade of Assitant Foreman in 2008 after 17 years now merged as Assistant Engineer. .After I have completed 20 years of service in 2011 i was given a macp from grade pay 4600 to 4800. Subsequently they are saying i am not eligibel for that and now they are asking me to return my money and they will revert my pay scale. Please clarify,.

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