TNEB New Tariff Calculator 2012 for Domestic Consumers

TNEB New Tariff 2012 – Domestic Consumers

The new Tariff system has been introduced by the Tamil Nadu Government from April, 2012. In this structure, there is so many slab system were introduced for Domestic consumers. The usage units are calculated for bi-monthly. We have given the new revised tariff table and the approximately the electricity charge for the units consumed from 0 to 1000.TNEB Tariff Calculator 2012

For Domestic Consumers :-
Unit Slab    : Unit Rate :Fixed Charge
1 – 100    Rs.1.00    Rs.20
1 – 200    Rs.1.50    Rs.20

0-200    Rs.2.00    Rs.30
201-500    Rs.3.00    Rs.30

0-200    Rs.3.00    Rs.40
201-500    Rs.4.00    Rs.40
Above 500 Rs.5.75    Rs.40

Table for ready reference (Approximately) :-
Units – Amount
0      – Rs.20
100 – Rs.120
150 – Rs.245
200 – Rs.320
250 – Rs.580
300 – Rs.730
350 – Rs.880
400 – Rs.1030
450 – Rs.1180
500 – Rs.1330
550 – Rs.2128
600 – Rs.2415
650 – Rs.2703
700 – Rs.2990
750 – Rs.3278
800 – Rs.3565
850 – Rs.3853
900 – Rs.4140
950 – Rs.4428
1000 – Rs.4715


  1. says

    Hi i need a clarification.. we have consumed 1050 units for last two months.. they have given amount is Rs.6933 is this is a right amount?.. please help

  2. Jois Sreedhar says

    Thanks Karthik. You have clarified my doubt too. Nice to see people like you, Srikanth, Sam & Balaji, who are replying online & clarify doubts of others. Thanks to all

  3. Jeyaseelan says

    I am staying in Kamarajapuram Chennai. The total consumed unit for the last two months are 290 but I have charged for Rs.870. Since I haven’t time to go directly and check calculation which they have used, I asked my father to go and check with them. As I understood from my father that they did not consider the two slabs which are defined for >200<=500 units and multiply all units by Rs. 3. Today I went directly and raised my concern but they are not ready to answer.

    I feel that it’s a big issue and now days people have already suffered by increased rate but still employees mistake the total amount will become high. I aware of the issue in the calculation but how about the people who do not aware of new tariff.

    Please let me know, whom should I contact to get justification for the issue.

  4. says

    Yes Ramesh sir it is correct. you have paid the right amount..
    The calculation :
    Total units-1390
    slab- greater than 500
    for first 200 units – (200×3)=Rs.600
    for next 300 units – (300×4)=Rs.1200
    For remaining 890 units-(890×5.75)=Rs.5117.5
    so,The total will be Rs.6917.5..and plus Rs.40(fixed charge) u get Rs.6957.5…so u have paid 50 paise more..

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