National Anomaly Committee Meeting Latest news…

5th National Anomaly Committee Meeting - 17th July 2012National Anomaly Committee Meeting Latest news…

The next development of NAC Meeting, the AIRF conveyed uner flash news on its official portal. The date of Next National Anomaly Committee Meeting was announced and the agenda points has already been published on its website. The 5th and  next meeting of NAC will be held on 17.7.2012 (Tuesday) in New Delhi at 3.00 PM.

Employees are much awaited to settle in the respect of their organization issues in the forth coming meeting by the Staff side members. The Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions has sent the order to all Staff side members to directly, not in the official website yet. We  have reproduced the order, which was published by AIRF, is given below for your information…


Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions

Department of Personnel & Training

North Block, New Delhi,

Dated, the 18th June, 2012


Subject : Meeting of the National Anomaly Committee – 17th July, 2012 at 3.00 PM

The undersigned is directed to refer to OM of even number dated 2nd December, 2011 regarding the 4th meeting of the National Anomaly Committee which was held on 5th January, 2012. All the Agenda Items placed before it could not be discussed and the meeting had to be adjourned. This meeting will now be held in Committee Room No.119, North Block, New Delhi on 17th July, 2012 at 3.00 PM.

It is requested that you may kindly make it convenient to attend this meeting and also kindly confirm your participation urgently. Agenda Notes for the meeting will remain the same as were circulated earlier vide this Ministry’s OM of even number dated 16th December, 2011.


(Ashok Kumar)

Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India

Phone :011-23092589

Email :

All Official and Staff side members of the National Anomaly Committee


  1. says

    Sir, the employees working in defence telephone exchanges all over india (Army, Air, or Navy) are appointed in the grade pay of Rs. 2000/- & on completion of 16 years of service his/her grade pay is 4200/- this is all what a great justification the person who has 16+ year of service and the person who has 32+ years of service both are getting the same grade pay is it justified? is there any body in the anomoly committee to look into the matter.

  2. Vijay Kumar says

    Sir I want to give me an opinion regarding GPF interest.

    I was an employee of IWAI (Statutory & Autonomous Body under Ministry of Shipping, GOI) has given me 1,28,223/- through my new Department and not given me an
    interest during 2011-12 & 2012-13. I
    have applied for an interest but they have said due to administrative reason we
    can not allow interest on your subscription. I have given you some facts regarding this issue.

    I was relieved on technical resignation on 30th November, 2010 A/N and I have
    joined GNCTD on 01.12.2010 FN. My lien discontinue on 30.11.2011 and our prorata
    pension has come in May, 2012 and Leave Encashment & Gratuity send on October,
    2012 and my service count in December 2012 and my Gpf no. is allotted on Feb.
    2013 and my subscription has come in May, 2013. But they have given me a statement
    2010-11 then balance 1,28,223/- is send and not given me interest two years 2011-
    12 & 2012-13. So you give me an opinion in this regard. I have given Govt. of
    India Decision No.3 Rule -11 in this regard. But they are not convincing. Please
    kindly suggest me rule position/ office memorandum/circular/notification in this regard.
    With regards,
    Vijay Kumar

  3. DATTU SHELKE says

    sir, I would like to know that on 7 Jan 2013 dopt issued a order related to give one increment to those whose promotion falls in same grade pay . To those increment for promotion in v pay where given. in v cpc in our establishment mazdoor pay scale was 2550-3200, Jr.counter 2650-3300, Examiner 2750-3700. All above post merged in 1800/- Grade Pay in VI cpc. Now in 2012 I was promoted as Examiner . Would I get one increment benefit as per the order . As all the above post are in 1800/- grade pay. As the post which is promoted is a higher responsibility post and benefit in v cpc were given under rule FR 22 (a) 1.

  4. Muni Lal Kashyap says

    Sub: MACP

    Respected Sir,

    1. Appointed as S.O.M Gd.Rs.1400-2300 vide RRB/CDG,L.No.EN-1/88,Dt.06/11/89 & DPO/UMB/NR/UMB,.No.220-E/100/SOM/P-I,Dt.28/11/89 & Joined as apprentice SOM in pay scale Rs.1400-2300 on 01.02.1990 vide DPO/NR/UMB,No.220-E/100/UMB/P-I, Dt.31.01.1990.
    2. Joined as regular SOM in pay scale Rs.1400-2300 on 05.03.1991 vide DPO/NR/UMB, LNo.220-E/100/UMB/P-I,Dt.04.03.1991.
    3. As per 5th CPC fixed in pay scale Rs.4500-7000+100 w.e.f. 01.01.1996. as SOM.
    4. After completion of 12 Years regular service under ACP fixed pay scale Rs.5000-8000 w.e.f. 05.03.2003 as SOM, vide DPO/NR/UMB LNo.754-E/01/ACP/Works/P-3, Dt.8.05.2003.
    5. Due to merging of posts of (SOM) Supervisor/works Gd.Rs.4500+7000+100 in the cadre of JE/II/Works Gd. Rs.5000-8000 w.e.f. 01.11.2003 again fixed in pay scale 5000-8000 as JE/II/Works vide DPO/NR/UMB, LNo.754-E/V/Works/Rest/P-3, Dt.20.04.2005.
    6. As per 6th CPC fixed in PB-II Rs.9300-34800-4200 w.e.f. 01.01.2006. as JE/II/Works.
    7. Ist MACP given and fixed in PB-II Rs.9300-34800-4600 w.e.f. 01.09.2008 vide DPO/NR/UMB, LNo.754-E/01/MACPS/Engg./UMB/P-3, Dt.29.03.2010.
    Sir, I am due or not for IInd MACP in PB-II 9300-34800-4800 w.e.f. 05.03.2011.
    Yours faithfuliy,
    ( Muni Lal JE/Works)

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