FAQ on TA/DA and LTC

FAQ on TA/DA and LTC

Q. What is the quantum of encashment of leave on LTC?
Ans. While availing LTC, Government servants can encash 10 days EL at a time subject to maximum of 60 days during entire service.

Q. Whether encashment can be availed during Casual Leave?
Ans. Yes.

Q. Whether Air Tickets can be booked through private agents on TA/DA&LTC
Ans. No, as per para 3(viii) of MOF, Dept. of Exp. OM No. 19024/1/E-IV/2005 dt. 24.3.06 wherever officer seeks to utilize the service of travel agents, it should be limited to M/s Balmer Lawrie & Com. and M/s Ashoka Tours & Travels.

Q.  Whether  the  services  of  other  Air  lines  can  be  availed  during  TA/DA&LTC,  where  the stations are not connected by Air India.
Ans. For travel to stations not connected by Air India the officials may travel by Air India to the point closest to their eventual destination, beyond which they may utilize the services of another airlines.

Q. What is the minimum service for availing LTC?
Ans: Government servant who have completed one year of continuous service on the date of journey can avail this concession.

Q. Whether LTC can be availed during week-end or holidays alone?
Ans: No, the concession can be availed during regular/casual/special casual leave or vacation.

Q. When both husband and wife are government servants, can they declare separate home town independently?
Ans: Yes.

Q. Whether a Government employee can travel by longer route?
Ans: Yes, however reimbursement for his/her journey will be restricted to shortest direct route.

Q. Whether LTC can be availed during study leave?
Ans: Yes, however reimbursement of fare should be restricted to the fare admissible for travel between  his  headquarters  station  to  any  place  in  India/home  town  or  actual  expenditure, whichever is less.

Q. Whether LTC can be availed under suspension?
Ans: No, Government servant under suspension cannot avail of LTC as he/she cannot get any leave including casual leave during the period of suspension; however his family is entitled to LTC.

Q. What is the entitlement of fresh recruits?
Ans: Fresh recruits of Central government may be allowed to travel to their home town with their families on three occasions in a block of four years and to any place in India on the fourth occasion. This facility shall be available to the Government officers only for the first two blocks of four years applicable after joining the Government for the first time. The blocks of 4 years shall apply with reference to the initial date of joining the Government even though the employee changes the job within Government subsequently. The existing blocks will remain the same but the entitlements of the new recruit will be different in the first eight years of service.

Q. Whether a Government servant appointed before 23-09-2008 but not completed first eight years of service is eligible for four LTC as mentioned in VI CPC?
Ans: The Government servant who have not completed 8 years of service as on 01-09-2008 are entitled for this concession as per their entitlement. There is no change in block years.

Q.  Home  town  of  an  employee  is  connected  by  train  but  is  not  directly  connected  by Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express trains. In such a case, can the employee be entitled to travel partly by Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express trains and partly by other trains?
Ans: Yes, If the journey is actually performed by Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains up to an en route railway station by direct shortest route and thereafter the journey is completed in a train other than Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains, fare for both the types of trains by the entitled class would be admissible for the respective portion of journey.

Q. If the originating and terminating points fall on the routes of Rajdhani/shatabdi express trains  but  these  trains  do  not  halt  at  these  stations,  can  an  employee  travel  by Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express?
Ans: The employee can travel by Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express up to the nearest en route station which should not be beyond the destination i.e., Home town or the declare place of visit.

Q. If a  Government employee/his family member is entitled to concessional train fare such as senior  citizen,  student  concession,  children,  etc.,  whether  in  case  of  air  travel,  the reimbursement would be restricted to such concessional fare by train in entitled class?
Ans: If full air fare has been charged by the airlines and paid by the Government servant, the reimbursement  would  be  restricted  to  the  full  train  fare  in  entitled  class  including Rajdhani/shatabdi.

Q.   If  a  Government  servant  drawing  grade  pay  Rs.  10,000  and  above  can  claim  for reimbursement of Air travel by executive class on LTC?
Ans: No, reimbursement of the expenses on air travel while availing of LTC will be restricted to the cost of travel by the economy class, irrespective of entitlement.

Q. Whether DA is admissible on Sunday, holiday, casual leave and RH to Government Servant on temporary duty at out station?
Ans: 1. Government servant availing  CL or RH while on tour is not entitled to draw DA.
           2. DA is not admissible for any day whether sunday or holiday unless the officer is actually and  not merely constructively in camp.

Q. How mileage allowance is admissible when journey on tour is performed by longer route by rail partly by lower class and partly by the entitled class?
Ans:  In  such  case  claim  shall  be  regulated  on  proportionate  basis,  by  calculating  mileage allowance for different modes/ classes by the shortest route in the ration of distance covered by such modes/ classes by the longer actually used route.

Q. Is TATKAL SEVA charges reimbursable?
Ans: Yes

Q. Whether DA to Government servant on tour returning to Headquarters daily is admissible?
Ans: Yes, a Government servant who returns to his Hqrs while on tour at outstation due to non availability of proper accommodation etc to suite his convenience, may draw DA at the rate applicable at temporary duty station, but on intervening Sundays and holidays no DA will be admissible.

Q. Whether hotel/ guest house should be registered/ recognised?
Ans: For any hotel the Government servant must have stayed in registered/ licensed as a hotel by proper authority.

Q. Whether cash receipt/ cash memo will be mandatory in support of the claims?
Ans: Yes actual expenditure incurred within the prescribed limit will be reimbursed as per normal procedure.


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