(Updated on 25.7.2012 – The meeting of Joint Committee to settle the MACP anomalies was scheduled on 27th July, 2012 is likely postponed to another date, sources said.)

As the decision taken in the recent meeting of National Anomaly Committee, for settling the anomalies arising in the subject of MACP Scheme, the MACP Joint Committee once again will met on 27th July 2012. An official announcement is expected from Dopt.

There is lot anomalies arising, while implementing the scheme of MACP in the respect of all categories of Central Government employees. Promotions or Upgradations are very important milestone in an employee’s career. Expectations are very high in the matter to settle the anomalies which are all pending in the previous meetings.

One of the important anomaly is that the grant of financial upgradation in the promotion hierarchy instead of Grade pay hierarchy under the MACP Scheme.

The date of effect of this scheme may be introduced from 1.1.2006.

Option for earlier ACP Scheme

Grant of financial upgradation between 1.1.2006 and 31.8.2012.

And more anomalies were pending to discuss in the meeting. Newsletter Subscription…

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  1. chhaya saha says:

    I am Library & Information Assistant, GP Rs 6600/- with 2nd ACP would be serving my career in reputed organisation (including contingent service i.e. dated 5.12.72 to 11.5.82) for 40 years 1 month 25 days till my retirement on 31st January 2013 without any promotion.
    The library posts are isolated in our organization, so provide Grade Pay of the next promotional post under MACP as per DOPT Memorandum F. No. 35034/1/97-Esst(D)(Vol.IV) dated 10.02.2000( justified under Sl. No. (19) Point of Doubt-Based on categorization of libraries, Ministry of Finance vide Office Memorandum No. 19(1)/IC/86 dated 24th July 1990.In order to secure uniformity in the upward mobility of the library staff under the ACP)As per DOPT Memorandum F. No. 35034/1/97-Esst(D)(Vol.IV) dated 10.02.2000, it is said that to avail higher Grade Pay we have to fulfill condition 6.I fulfill the said condition 6.
    My work of contingent status is comparable with the work of staff of regular establishment. Contingent Status was followed by regularization without break. The period of Contingent Status should be converted for the purpose of ACP/MACP. The 50% Contingent Status service has already been counted for pensionable benefit.
    Please look into the matter sympathetically and do justice for Promotional Grade Pay and reckon of entire Contingent Status for the benefit of ACP/MACP.

  2. First The Meaning Of MACP should be Defined .What we Know That is Modified Assured Career Progration Scheme .Here the Word MODIFIED is all time reflects the meaning with something better than previous status But as per MACP ” Modified ” word in the case of lower staff working with grade pay 1900 ,2000 and 2400 have a meanig with worst and worst and worst . What I want to say is that All the Three Upgradation should be given
    Under MACP in place of ACP and if it is realy in modified then financial upgradation in the promotion hierarchy must be granted instead of Grade pay hierarchy under the MACP Scheme .

    • R C Papnai says:

      I have completed 24 years of my service on 29-10-2008. Thus, my second ACP was due on 29-10-2008 and after this I would have got the next grade pay of 5400/- as per propmotional hierarachy benefits of the ACP. But after implementation of MACP from 01-09-2008, I could not get this benefit and I was placed in a grade pay of 4800/- as 2nd MACP was given instead of 2nd ACP. Now, I shall get the grade pay of 5400/- on 29-10-2014 as third MACP, that means, a complete loss of 6 years of pay benefits and moreover, I shall not get the grade pay of 6600/- in my entire service life, which my colleagues are getting who completed 24 years of their service before 01-09-2008. What type of carrier progression is this ?

  3. Shyam Sunder says:

    Sir, I have been given the 3rd MACP after completion of 30 years of service.About two years have already elapsed. The service leftover is two years. Is their any rule to give designation as well in any given period.

  4. MACP is a relief for those who are not getting promotion to next cadre. But MACP with date 1.9.08 is curse on senior UDCs. If I get promotion to the next hierarchy, I will get a Pay under PB-2 with G.P.4200/- But MACP granted me a pay under PB-1 with G.P.2800/- after completion of 25 years. Even the newly promoted UDC are getting this PB with GP 2400/-, senior UDC with 30 years service are getting same PB with a difference in G P Rs.400/-. Everybody turned a deaf year to our issue on introduction of MACP with a cut off date 1.9.08. We are suffering a lot. Those who joined even a day before are getting GP 4200/-. Committee may kindly look into the issue seriously and settle this anomaly. Neither getting promotions nor getting monitory benefits like others with same status, Committee can understand our feelings. Expecting a favourable decsion on 27.7.12.