Secret Ballot Elections for the purpose of recognition of Unions / Federations


SBC/Union Elections/2012/2.

New Delhi, dated 18.01.2013

Chief Personnel Officer
Open Line Railways and Metro Kolkata

Sub: Secret Ballot Elections for the purpose of recognition of Unions / Federations.

Further to letter of even number dated 11.12.12, it had been informed that a Committee had been constituted under the Chairmanship of Shri R.R.Jaruhar, Retd. Member Engineering, Railway Board, for framing modalities and related activities, in connection with above referred subject.

A copy of Notice containing the terms of reference of the Committee is enclosed which may please be got displayed at prominent Notice Boards. Views and suggestions of the registered unions of your Railway if received may be forwarded to the undersigned. You may also send official views/suggestion of your Railway to the undersigned.

(Rajiv Kishore)
ED/ERP, Railway Board and
Member Secretary, Secret Ballot Election Committee.


Attention: Registered Railway Trade Unions

A Committee has been constituted on the Railways, for holding Secret Ballot Elections, for recognition of Railway Trade Unions and Federations, as under :

Shri. R.R. Jaruhar, (Retd.) Member Engg., Railway Board: Chairman
Shri A.K.Nigam, (Retd.) Adviser Industrial Relations, Railway Board: Member
Shri Rajiv Kishore Executive Director (ERP), Railway Board: Member Secretary

2. The terms of Reference of the Committee are as under:

i. To review the modalities framed by the earlier Committee for the elections held in November, 2007/frame modalities to conduct next Secret Ballot to recognize Union.
ii. To form code of conduct/discipline for the elections on the lines of Code of discipline of Ministry of Labour suitable for Indian Railways :
iii. To function as a nodal body for conducting and supervising the secret ballot;
iv.  To suggest the Mechanism for arbitration on disputes arising out of elections and
v. Recognition of Federation (s) at Board’s level;

(In the last election held in November, 2007, the elections were restricted to 16 ZonaI Railways. Now, that Metro Railway, Kolkata has been given the status of a Zonal Railway and it has been decided by the Board to go for recognition of Union there also, the elections now to be held through Secret Ballot may cover the 16 Zonal Railways and Metro Railway, Kolkatta. The election may be conducted sometime around April, 2013)

3. Only those Registered Trade Unions which represent all categories of Non Gazetted employees of Indian Railways may send their views / suggestions, if any, on the above issues by 5th February 2013 either by post at the following address;

Rajiv Kishore, Member Secretary
Secret Ballot  Committee
Room No. 339-A, Ministry of Railways,
Pragati Maidan Metro Building,
New Delhi- 110001.


through email at email id:
Complete details of the said Committee and other information from time to time can be accessed on webpage titled, “Secret Ballot Election Committee’, under the heading ‘Important Information’ at the official website of Railway Board namely “”

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