State-Wise List of Vacant Post of Monument Attendants in Archaeological Survey of India

Shortage of Conservation Staff

The Minister of Culture Smt. Chandresh Kumari Katoch has said that there is a shortage of staff of monument attendants with Archaeological Survey of India to provide round the clock security for watch and ward at various monuments in the country including Madhya Pradesh.
In a written reply in the Lok Sabha today Smt. Katoch said, vacancies are caused due to retirement of incumbents.   The State-wise details of vacancy position of Monument Attendants’ posts are given at Annexure. To provide security at monuments, Archaeological Survey of India has engaged the services of private security guards and State Police personnel in addition to regular Monument Attendants. CISF personnel have been deployed at Taj Mahal, Agra and Red Fort, Delhi.
She said, outsourcing work has been taken up at only two monuments and the results are satisfactory. (i) Humayun’s Tomb Complex:- Conservation and Restoration works at Humayun’s Tomb has been outsourced to Aga Khan Trust.  (ii) Monuments within Lodhi Garden Complex:- Conservation and Restoration works of monuments in Lodhi Garden has been outsourced to INTACH under National Culture Fund  Project.

State-Wise List of Vacant Post of Monument Attendants in Archaeological Survey of India

Sl.No. Name of State Number of vacancies of Monument Attendants
1.       Andhra Pradesh 121
2.       Assam 15
3.       Bihar 48
4.       Chhattisgarh 17
5.       Goa 5
6.       Gujarat 83
7.       Himachal Pradesh 17
8.       Jammu & Kashmir 37
9.       Jharkhand 10
10.   Kerala 6
11.   Karnataka 211
12.   Madhya Pradesh 171
13.   Maharashtra 205
14.   N.C.T. Delhi 222
15.   Odisha 14
16.   Panjab / Haryana 22
18.   Rajasthan 82
19.   Tamilnadu 74
20.   Uttar Pradesh 98
21.   Uttarakhand 12
22.   West Bengal 67
  TOTAL 1537

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