Fraudulent LTC Claims – CGDAOrder

Fraudulent LTC Claims – CGDAOrder

Controller General of Defence Accounts
Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt-110010


Dated: 12/08/2014

P C of A(Fys) Kolkata

Subject: Fraudulent LTC Claims.

In line with the instructions issued by AT-IV Section of this HQrs vide circular No. AT/IV/4462/LTC-fraud dated 6/08/2014, in connection with disclosure of fraudulent LTC claims in lieu of journey undertaken by Defence Personnel and civilians to J&K in lieu of home town under the relaxation extended by government under DoP&T orders, all PCsDA/CsDA are here by requested to be extremely vigilant in processing the LTC Claims preferred by DAD Personnel on account of LTC to J&K in lieu of hometown /AI LTC. Some of the salient deviations observed in audit while processing the claims are listed below for guidance:

(a) Forged e-tickets have been found enclosed with the claims wherein the amount claimed were more than double the actual cost of tickets when confirm from the airlines.

(b) The tickets were purchased from unauthorized travel agents in violation to prevailing orders.

(c) As on date only Air India issues air tickets under LTC-80 scheme, however it has been observed that “LTC-80” was mentioned in forged private airlines tickets, specially in J&K Sector.

d) Availing package/cash back facility with LTC-80 tickets have been issued by private airlines and forging the entire expenditure as cost of tickets by keeping the same less than LTC-80 fares.



Reference Order issued by this department on 6.8.2014 – Click here

LTC by air extended for 2 more years to Jammu and Kashmir and North East

LTC by air extended for 2 more years to Jammu and Kashmir and North East

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, June 17: The Union Ministry for Tourism today extended by another two years a proposal to grant Leave Travel Concession (LTC) to Jammu and Kashmir and North East by air.

The package was due to expire today.

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Leave Travel Concession – Air Travel concession ends today…

Leave Travel Concession – Air Travel concession ends today…

Concession of Air travel, which the Central Government employees have been enjoying for the past 6 years, comes to an end today. It is saddening to see that a scheme, that was so popular and enjoyed by all across ranks, has come to an end.

Travelling by airplane with the entire family is still not an ordinary feat for the majority of Indians. It therefore comes as no surprise that the ones who didn’t utilize this opportunity are regretting it.

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Government’s Travel Allowances for the MPs

Government’s Travel Allowances for the MPs

Recently, there were controversies regarding the travel allowances of Members of the Parliament. Let’s take a look at the actual travel allowance granted by the Central Government to the MPs:

Members of the Parliament are given concessions to travel to attend the Parliament sessions and to participate in the meetings. These to-and-from travel concessions are given from the usual place of residence of these members to the Parliament or to the place where the meeting is going to be held.

Via Train/Airplane: In case of train journey, charges for one First Class ticket and one Second Class ticket are given. The concession is given for whatever class the MP travels in.

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LEAVE TRAVEL CONCESSION – Will Air Travel Continue for the Next 2 Years?


Will Air Travel Continue for the Next 2 Years?

For a number of years, Central Government employees have been enjoying the benefits of Leave Travel Concession (LTC). When a Central Government employee is employed at a place that is not his home town, then, once every two years or twice every four years, he/she is eligible to reimburse the travel expenses incurred for travelling to and back, along with the entire family.

A BLOCK YEAR consists of four years. The current block year runs from 2010 to 2013. This is divided into two – 2010-11 and 2012-13, and concession to travel to the home town is offered twice. Instead of two trips to home town, the employee is eligible to convert one of them as ALL INDIA LTC concession. Those who haven’t availed of the concession of the 2012-13 year block can utilize it in 2014.

Depending on their designation, the employees are eligible to utilize air, ship, rail and road transportation facilities, along with the travel class.

In the year 2010, in order to develop Jammu & Kashmir and North-East Region, it was announced that Central Government employees are eligible to travel to these regions via air from Delhi and Kolkata respectively. It was also announced that the travel expenses could be claimed in advance. Following this announcement, Central Government employees have started travelling via air, along with their families. From the HEADQUARTERS, where they are employed, they have to travel to New Delhi or Kolkata by train and go to Shri Nagar or Gauhati by airplane.

This concession is given in two categories, on the basis of grade pay. Those with GP higher than Rs. 4200 and above are eligible to travel from the airport nearest to their work headquarters. Those with GP lesser than Rs. 4200 will have to travel to Delhi or Kolkata by train and continue only the rest of the journey by airplane.

These concessions were initially announced for only two years and then extended to 2013. Each BLOCK YEAR can be carried forward to one year, i.e., those who haven’t utilized the facility in 2012-13 BLOCK YEAR can avail of it until December 2014.

This wonderful opportunity will draw to a close very soon. The Government has issued permission to travel by air to the NORTH-EAST REGION until 30.04.2014 and to JAMMU & KASHMIR until 17.06.2014.

Question is – Will this concession be extended for the next two years?