‘Swamysnews’ – Unbreakable bond with Central Government employees continues

Swamysnews’ – Unbreakable bond with Central Government employees continues


The name ‘Swamysnews’ makes people assume that it is a spiritual publication. But the truth is – the publication has nothing even remotely connected to divinity or religion. It however has got everything to do with information that are relevant to the Central Government employees. In fact, it could be called a treasure trove of details. There is no Central Government employee who doesn’t know about Swamysnews because the publication has answers to all the questions..!

Swamy Publishers Private Limited is a company mainly publishing books on Central Government Rules. For more than 55 years now, the publication, which was started in 1958, continues to provide crucial information in the form of books, to Central Government employees and their offices.

The founder of this organization, Mr.Muthuswamy, was an employee of the Postal Department, a Central Government organization. After getting promoted in his job, he started the service in order to create awareness in the midst of Central Government employees. He had the opportunity to conduct regular free classes for the benefit of his junior colleagues. He edited his lectures and circulated cyclostyled notes on a non-profit basis to examinees in other cities as well. The not-for-profit venture created new openings for him. The books that he published started gaining popularity. Employees found them very useful. He became well known in many Central Government Offices across the country as a reliable instructor and interpreter in the field of Guide Books for Service Rules.

Swamys books are broadly classified into Reference Books, Special Books, Guide Books and a monthly magazine ‘swamysnews’. These books were not only of high quality, but the information contained in them was verified and up-to-date. The books gained further credibility due to the explanations and interpretations of the Government Orders that they featured. Due to their long history in accurately presenting Central Government employees related news, the publication gained the Centre’s approval. Swamysnews Publishers are the only publication with Government approval.

Their monthly publication, ‘Swamysnews’ is their specialty. They usually contain all the latest Government Orders, Case-Law Section, Supreme Court Judgments, Tribunal Judgments and Question and Answer(Readers Forum) section. The Q&A section contains only selected questions. The crystal-clear manner in which they strongly present their answers and explain them shows their confidence and their mastery of the subject.

The crowning achievement of the publication is its annual ‘Swamy’s Handbook for Central Government Employees’. The book is an encyclopedia of information.

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“Expected DA” phrase losing interest amidst Central Government employees..!

“Expected DA” phrase losing interest amidst Central Government employees..!

Nowadays, the attractive and magical word of “Expected DA” is losing interest amidst Central Government employees..!

We are proud to claim that we were the first to introduce the phrase, “Expected DA”.

Central Govt employees are getting additional Dearness Allowance twice in a year according to the fluctuation of Consumer Price Index. Generally all employees, including state and central government employees are showing interest to know the hike of additional Dearness allowance in advance.

In 2009, when, for the first time we wrote an article under the title “Expected DA (Dearness Allowance) from Jan 2009 for Central Government Employees“, we did feel a bit uneasy. We were wondering if the readers would comprehend the title properly. Even the familiar publications like “Swamy’s News” didn’t have such phrases that time.

The phrase “Expected DA”, received tremendous response from the Central Government employees and earned a place for itself in their hearts. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration for us to claim that after the magical ‘Central Government Employees News’, this was the most exciting phrase that we had come up with.

As far as we know, “Swamy’s News” was the only publication that had successfully predicted the Dearness Allowance accurately for a number of years. It is not an ordinary feat for a private publication to be treated on par with a Government Order. This is the reason why, despite the onslaught of the internet, the publication is still gaining tremendous growth.

In January 2009, we announced a 6% expected additional DA. Since then, with Dearness Allowance rising continuously, the curiosity and eagerness to hear the forecast continued to grow. With two 10% hikes in 2010, the response to our forecasts was nothing short of mind-boggling.

Normally, Government employees are more than eager to receive positive news about salary hike, like increment, DA, Arrears, Bonus etc.,. Yet, strangely, there is a slight dip in the kind of interest that the phrase “Expected DA” triggers nowadays.

In 2009 Our Forecasts in additional Dearness Allowance…
Expected DA from Jan 2009

Expected DA from July 2009

DA Table

Source: 90PAISA

Swamy’s News – Swamy’s books – Swamy’s Handbook – Swamy’s Publication

Swamy’s News : The one of the most popular website since 2008 for Central Government employees and pensioners, WWW.IMYIDEAS.COM. The author wrote an article about the Swam’s News magazine published from Swamy’s Publications. We have given for your reference the stuff from the popular website…

Introduction :
Swamy’s handbook is one of the most useful resource for central government servants in the form of printed books. The latest edition is Swamy’s Handbook 2010. It incorporates all the latest orders based on Sixth Pay commission recommendations. Swamy’s Handbook is an easy access to Regulations, codes and manuals. Its a brief essence  of the relevent rules or orders. The first Handbook was published on 1975.

Swamys Publications was founded by Shri P. Muthuswamy, who was an employee of P & T.  Swamy Publications is still the most valuable and reputed publications on rules and regulations affecting Central Government employees.

Swamy’s News
Swamy’s Publications started swamysnews In order to  bring to the notice of all Central Government offices even in the remote corner the orders issued by the various Departments of the Central Government. Swamysnews is published monthly.  At the persistent request of many subscribers, a Case-Law section was included highlighting the important judgments of various Central Administrative Tribunals and Supreme Court on service matters.

Swamy’s books are available in almost all  leading Book Shops in all cities and other areas of country. Follow the link given below to view the books published by Swamy’s publications.
Books Published By Swamy Publications

Address of Swamy’s Publishers:

236, R.K. Mutt Road, Post Box No. 2468,

Delhi Branch
Ansari Road
Near Sanjeevan Hospital
Daryaganj, New Delhi

Website Address

Source: www.imyideas.com