Latest CSD Price List of Televisions (LCD, LED and Plasma)

CSD Price List
Canteen Stores Department(CSD) Price List at Chennai base only.

Latest CSD price list September 2011 (updated – All prices are subject to change)

This price list has been reproduced only for the purpose of information of our visitors.
Once again you are advised, before purchase you should verify the present price of your selection of goods at your nearest CSD canteen.
However, we are not responsible for availability and exact prices of any given details of products here, it is depend upon the respective CSD canteens only.

Latest CSD Price List (August 2011) of Samsung Television

Index Code Item Description Price
21914 Samsung/CTV21/K44/P.Flat Rs.5,757
21915 Samsung/CTV21/SB Rs.6,807
21916 Samsung/CTV21/P.Flat Rs.5,707
21919 Samsung/CTV CS 21/K45/P.Flat Rs.5,695
21928 Samsung/CTV 21/T135/P.Flat Rs.7,118
21489 Samsung/LCD/LA22B450 Rs.10,915
21490 Samsung/LCD/LA26B450 Rs.16,774
21491 Samsung/LCD/LA32B450 Rs.21,904
21492 Samsung/LCD/40B530 Rs.36,556
21493 Samsung/Plasma/PS/42B 430 Rs.30,058
21494 Samsung/LCD/LA32 B350 Rs.20,439
21495 Samsung/CS/21A/530 Rs.5,909

Latest CSD Price List(August 2011) of Panasonic Television

Index Code Item Description Price
22553 Panasonic/CTV/29Flat/400W/TC-29FX20CDS3 Rs.11,280
22554 Panasonic/CTV/21Flat/400W/TC-21FX20/Black Rs.6,013
22555 Panasonic/CTV/21Flat/400W/TC-21FX20/Silver Rs.6,013
22945 Panasonic/Plasma/TH-42X10 Rs.39,521
22946 Panasonic/Plasma/TH-42C10 Rs.35,396
22553 Panasonic/TC-29FX20CDS3/29Flat/5BandGE Rs.11,280