Clarifications on Children Education Allowance and Hostel Subsidy

CEASome important question and answers about Children Education Allowance and Hostel Subsidy. The pcdaopune has clarified as the form of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ to its officers regarding the Children Education Allowance. It is very useful to know and follow the rules to get the reimbursement of CEA.

CEA (Children Education Allowance)

Q. Is it mandatory to claim the CEA on Contingent Bill, or only Pt-II order will suffice?

The CEA has to be claimed on a contingent bill. All the Original Receipts should be attached.

Q. Officer has paid Rs.15000/- for one child for full academic year against fees & cost of books, shoes etc in the beginning of academic year and submitted claim for CEA in first quarter of academic year. Will the claim be admitted in full immediately?

No. Reimbursement of up to 50% of the entitlement is admissible during the first half of the academic year. Remaining will be admissible in 3rd or 4th quarters.

Q. Will I get CEA reimbursement for (a) Transportation/Bus charges, (b) Security Fees paid to Schools, (c) Amusement & entertainment charges, (d) purchase of Blazers, (e) tuition fee, (f) cost of admission form, (g) examination fee, (h) annual charges, (i) computer fee, (j) science lab fee, (k) sports fee, (l) extra curricular activity fee, (m) dance and music fee, (n) books like dictionary, encyclopedia etc, (o) admission fee, (p) Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi, (q) stationery and (r) late fee?

You will get reimbursement for (d) to (q) only among the above.

Q. Is there any ceiling on cost of note-books, stationery, or uniform etc?

No ceiling in case of any of the items listed above.

Q. How many sets of uniform will I get reimbursement for?

For only 2 sets of uniform in one academic year. One uniform means a set of clothing prescribed in a particular day, as uniform by the school. But one can claim for only one pair of shoes.

Q. The original school receipts have been lost. What should I do now?

Please get a certificate signed by Principal of the school, showing all the payments. Please make sure that details of the fees paid are shown in a manner as were shown in the original fee receipts.

Q. Will I get CEA for my child who is studying in Nursery?

You will get CEA for your child for only two academic years before he starts studying in First Standard. These two years may be nursery, or LKG, or UKG or whatsoever. But CEA is not admissible for Pre-school/playschool.

Clarification regarding Relaxation for travel by air to visit J&K against All India LTC

Controller General of Defence Accounts,
Ulan Batar Road, PaIam, Delhi Cantt-110010

AN/XIV/14162/VIth CPC/Circular/VoI-IV

Dated: 28/12/2011



(Through CGDA Mail Server)

Sub: Clarification regarding Relaxation for travel by air to visit J&K against All India LTC.

The following doubts regarding admissibility of LTC claim on account of air travel to NER/J&K against all India LTC availed by a Government servant (being non entitled to travel by Air) whose HQrs. Office and home town is the same was taken up with DoP&T for clarification:

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Parliament news : Clarification on Family Planning Allowance to Central Government employees

This information was given by MINISTER OF STATE FOR HEALTH & FAMILY WELFARE SHRI SUDIP BANDYOPADHYAY in written reply to a question raised (Shri S.SEMMALAI – 790) in Lok Sabha on 25.11.2011 regarding the FAMILY PLANNING ALLOWANCE to Central Government employees.

Age limit is prescribed for eligibility to receive the Family Planning Allowance..?

In the case of a male Central Government employee he should not be over 50 years and his wife should be between 20 to 45 years of age. In the case of a female government employee she must not be above 45 years and his husband must not be over 50 years of age.


Question :-

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Fixation of Pay on Promotion : Clarification on Stepping up of pay of Senior Assistants of CSS

An important clarification order issued by the Department of Personnel and Training today concerning the stepping up of pay of Senior Assistants in CSS.  The way of clarifying, the doubts arising in the Department of CSS, Dopt made as questions and answers. Various questions has been answered by the Dopt in the order, which is reproduced here for your ready reference…

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training

Lok Nayak Bhavan, khan Market
New Delhi, dated 9th November, 2011


Subject : Clarification on application of the DOPT’s OM No. 7/7/2008-CS.I (A) dated 22.12.2010 and 18.03.2011 regarding stepping up of pay of Senior Assistants of CSS on/after 1.1.2006 vis-a-vis notional fixation of pay.

Attention is invited to this Department’s OM of even number dated 22.12.2010 and 18.03.2011 on the above subject. Subsequently, Ministries/Departments have sought clarifications on the same subject, the details of which have been listed as under :

Doubt No. 1. Whether the grades of Assistants and SOs of CSS are centralized for the purpose of stepping up of pay allowed as per this Department’s OM No. 7/7/2008-CS.I(A) dated 22.12.2010 and 18.03.2011?

Clarification : Yes, For the two purpose as mentioned in the OM No. 7/7/2008-CS.I (A) dated 22.12.2010 and 18.03.2011, the cadres of the grades of Assistants and SOs are centralized.

Doubt No. 2. Whether the Notional fixation of pay allowed in the grades of Assistants and SOs of CCS of certain Select List vide this Departments’ OM No. 6/3/2009-CS.I (S) dated 09.07.2010 is mandatory or optional ?

Clarification : The section Officers/Assistants are allowed an option to have their pay fixed from the date of their actual promotion or from 1st July of the Select List year. The option would apply to all such officers covered by the OM No. 6/3/2009-CS.I (S) dated 09.07.2010, irrespective of the fact whether they are included in the Select List from Seniority or the Departmental Exam stream.

Doubt No. 3. Whether pay of the SOs of CSS belonging to LDCE quota for the years 2004 and 2005 who actually took charge as Section Officers after 2.1.2006, but were working as regular Assistants on 02.01.2006 is to be stepped up with that of Shri. Rajen Kabui who was appointed as adhoc Assistant w.e.f.02.01.2006 ?

Clarification :Claims of Section Officers who opt to have their pay fixed in the grade of Section Officers from the date of actual appointment for stepping up of pay may be examined in the light of instructions already issued by this Department / Department of Expenditure vide OM No.7/7/2008-CS.I (A) dated 22.12.2010 and 18.03.2011.

2. This issues in consultation with Establishment (Pay) of this Department.

3. All the Ministries/Departments are requested that necessary action may be taken in line with the clarification as stated above.

(K.Suresh Kumar)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India


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CGHS – CS(MA) Rules – Medical Reimbursement – Clarification

Clarification on Medical Reimbursement of Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS).

The Department of Health and Family Welfare has published various orders regarding the empanelled hospitals and the revision of package rates on its website regularly. Still there is lot of problems with some of the empanelled hospitals while getting treatment. They did not bother about the package rates and they used some other medical words in discharge summary of the particular treatments.

Hence the amount of reimbursement is reduced or the total claim is ignored. The reimbursement will be made on the basis of the medical bills and reports as in the discharge summary. The pertinent package rates has been searched by the competent authority to sanction his claim of medical treatment according to given reports by the employee.

Department of Health and Family Welfare issued a detailed clarification on 30.09.2011, “if CGHS rate is not available for any procedure / investigation / category (say super-specialty) in any CGHS covered city, the CGHS rate notified for such procedure / investigation / category for the nearest CGHS city or the rate notified under CGHS, Delhi, whichever is lower shall be applicable as CGHS rate for such procedure / investigation / category for that city”.

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