Dopt order regarding Holiday on Election Day

Dopt order regarding Holiday on Election Day

Closing of Central Government offices on the day of polling.
Finally the Dopt put an end to this issue, published an old order on its website. The order is now very important, has been published by the Dopt (Deaprtment of Personnel and Training) about closing of Central Government offices in connection with elections to Lok Sabha / State Assembly /Panchayat / Municipalities /Corporation or other Local Bodies.

The order clarified is that the Central Government offices shall remain closed in the notified areas where general elections to Lok Sabha or State Legislative Assembly are scheduled to be conducted.

In connection with Local body elections, the Central Government employees who are bona-fide voters and desire to exercise their franchise should be offered reasonable facility, subject to normal exigencies of services, either by coming late to office or being allowed to leave office early or a short absence on that day.

The employees detailed on election duty may also be permitted to remain away from their normal duties on polling dsy (s) as also on the days required for performing journeys which might be undertaken in order to perform such election duty.

According to the Dopt order, the Head of the departments of Central Government in Tamilnadu may decide to provide any one of the facility said in the order to their employees to allow them vote in the local body elections.